Vibranium OG f2 Genetic Strain Review

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Are you an indoor grower or a connoisseur in search of the best flower possible to grow or bud that will make it worth the investment?  Maybe you’ve grown bud that looked great but didn’t pack the punch the breeder spoke about in his description. You know, the fems that were supposed to be fems but ended up being males.  Or the result just wasn’t what you desired, and you’re in search of fire genetics. I’m Cartier Crops updating you with our exotic strain review of the month that will change your life!  Vibranium OG f2 is a cross between Vibranium OG f1 crossed to Vibranium OG f1 male. The original Vibranium OG is a cross between my Cartier Cookie hitting 32% THC and Triple 6 OG male. First off, if you don’t know about our Triple 6 OG f2 then where in the hell have you been.  She made a major splash in 2021 with her exotic and intoxicating effects with THC levels in the 30 percentile, not to mention the dope look that will have you wanting to eat the damn plant. Breeding her back to the Cartier Cookie brought more size and structure, making picking a pheno from the batch to run a hard decision. Since we found three phenos we love, we decided to keep all three and give them each an identity with three ranges of flavor and style. First, we have The Vibes #3: She is a full fruit flavor with heavy yields and THC levels in the low 20 percent, suitable for daytime smokers who want that shiiii without falling asleep on the job. If you like to press your herb to get all the flavor out, this would be the one with high terp content and enough juices to get your body going. Next, we have Vibranium OG #6 She is the 6th plant we chose. The smell of new shoes or cracking open a tennis ball container is how I can explain this beauty. The bag appeal and aroma will have the entire party asking for a hit of the ol school pine we’ve come to love. Influenced by the cookie high, you get the best of both worlds but the effects of the OG. She finishes in 8-10 weeks, depending on how high you want to get. Finally, we have V12 The name alone speaks fast and top tier, and she is the one we are going to keep to backcross at another date.  She’s hard-hitting, lay yo ass down somewhere, fast heart beating high with more flavor than Baskin robbins.  For serious smokers only and the type of herb, you don’t want to share with anyone. LOL  Call it Greedy weed!  I swear, even growers who have trouble growing can mess the crop up, and it’ll still be better than your neighborhood dispo.  She finishes faster than the other 2 phenos in 9 weeks, and if you let her go longer, ya just might kiss the sun.  I hope you have enough food in the fridge with this one, folks! Now you won’t find these phenos anywhere on the planet except Native Sun Genetics as part of the seed tester club. What’s the seed tester club? Native Sun Genetics helps indoor cannabis home growers save up to 75% on top-tier genetics as part of a private community that eliminates middlemen, scammers, and bad genetics. To get your hands on these and other varieties, you must be a member of our network. Otherwise, you will stay on the outside looking in! If you’re ready to take your garden to another level, you need to sign up below to become part of the experience. Peace!


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