Triple Dosi OG

How’s it growing, I’m Cartier Crops, and today we will talk about how we came up with the name Triple Dosi OG and how dope this new variety may be.  If you know anything about good herbs, you know all about Dosi Do and its values to the cannabis connoisseur. Do-Si-Dos, also acknowledged as “Dosi,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with characteristics similar to its parent, (OG Kush Breath) (GSC Girls Scout Cookie) OGKB, a GSC-phenotype. With glittering trichomes, vivid pistils, lime green swag, lavender leaves, this strain is hot sex to the eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy, with moderate floral funkiness. Since Face OFF OG is a huge part of the makeup, you can bet yo ass that you may need a pillow and some munchies after placing your lips on however you blaze this beauty. Now, Triple 6 OG f2 is where we’ve changed the game with our new variety. She’s been in our catalog for the past three years, creating many show-stopping types on the website. If ya dont know what made Triple 6 OG allow me to break it down. I took the Fuji OG, which is Granola Funk Male x Goji OG Female, which made the Fuji OG; then I took the best male from the Fuji OG and crossed it with my Cartier Cookie.  Once we found a winning female, we used a male Wizard Punch to seal the deal creating a true hybrid exotic strain.  So as you can see, the Do-Si Do cross to Triple 6 OG will change the game and power, making her more indica leaning with flavors of the cookie, mints, granola, berries, and you can’t forget the dope ass Lemon Pine flavor from the OG. Click here for more information, Triple Dosi OG Sign up now to get more great info like this and be notified when we post to our blog and network. To get your hands on these and other varieties, you must be a member of our network. Otherwise, you will stay on the outside looking in! If you’re ready to take your garden to another level, you need to sign up below to become part of the experience.

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