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Understanding “Vibes #3” in the One Gallon Challenge

essfinesse December 2, 2023

Introduction to Vibes #3

In the exciting world of the One Gallon Challenge, we are thrilled to introduce “Vibes #3” from Native Sun Genetics, bred by Cartier Crops. This unique strain is a testament to expert breeding, allowing contestants to cultivate something truly extraordinary.

Genetic Profile: A Fusion of Power and Flavor

“Vibes #3” is a remarkable blend of Cartier Cookie and Triple 6 OG, a combination that perfectly marries potency with a rich flavor profile. This strain epitomizes the synergy of genetics, where the best traits of both parents are highlighted and enhanced.

Cartier Cookie: The Powerhouse

  • THC Level: An impressive 33%
  • Contribution: Adds robustness and potency to Vibes #3

Triple 6 OG: The Flavor Enhancer

  • THC Level: A notable 27%
  • Unique Aspect: Introduces an array of complex flavors

The Challenge: Timing and Cultivation

The cultivation of “Vibes #3” presents a unique challenge. While she typically completes her growth cycle in 10 weeks, contestants in the One Gallon Challenge must optimize their techniques to achieve the best results in just 9 weeks. This shortened timeframe adds an intriguing layer of difficulty to the competition.

Characteristics of Vibes #3

Tough Yet Rewarding

  • Vibes #3 is known for being challenging to grow, but with skill and attention, she can produce exceptional results.

Phenotypes: Diversity in Growth

  1. Tall and Thick Phenotype:
  • Characteristics: Rapid growth, robust structure
  • Appeal: Impressive in stature and yield
  1. Short and Aromatic Phenotype:
  • Attributes: Compact size, profound aroma
  • Unique Aspect: Known for its intense smell and potency

The Crucial Decision

You will encounter a pivotal choice in the competition – deciding which female phenotype to carry to the finals. This decision will reflect your cultivation skills and strategic thinking in maximizing the potential of Vibes #3 within the constraints of the challenge.


Introducing “Vibes #3” into the One Gallon Challenge is more than just a test of cultivation skills; it explores the art of breeding and the nuances of cannabis genetics. Contestants are set for an engaging and educational experience, culminating in cultivating a strain that is as challenging as rewarding. The unique combination of high THC levels, diverse phenotypes, and the challenge of a shortened growth cycle makes “Vibes #3” a central character in this contest of skill and strategy.

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