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Learning Objectives Understand why water is crucial in cannabis cultivation. Recognize the relationship between water and plant health. Introduction Water is a fundamental element for all plants, including cannabis. It plays a crucial role in the plant’s growth cycle, affecting everything from germination to nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. The Role of Water in Cannabis Plants Germination: Water activates the seed and begins the germination process. It breaks down the seed’s protective coating and kick-starts the growth of the embryonic plant inside. Photosynthesis: Water is a key component in photosynthesis. Cannabis plants convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose through this process, vital for plant energy and growth. Nutrient Transport: Water helps dissolve nutrients and carries them through the plant. It ensures that essential minerals reach all plant parts, contributing to its overall health and development. Temperature Regulation: Water evaporates from the leaves through transpiration, helping to cool the plant in hot conditions. This is essential for maintaining optimal growth temperatures. Cell Structure Stability: Water pressure within the plant cells, known as turgor pressure, keeps the plant upright and firm. A well-watered plant can support its weight and resist physical stress. Summary Water’s role in cannabis cultivation is multifaceted and vital. Ensuring your plants have the correct amount and water quality can lead to healthy, vigorous growth. As we progress in this course, you’ll learn how to optimize your watering practices to effectively meet your plants’ needs. Next Steps Review the key points discussed. Prepare for the next lesson on different types of water used in cannabis cultivation.

Yen Morante April 23, 2024

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