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Light Requirements During The Vegetative Stage

Cartier April 3, 2023

Light is a crucial factor in the growth and development of cannabis plants. During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants require specific light requirements to support their growth and prepare them for the flowering stage.

Here are the light requirements for cannabis plants during the vegetative stage:

Light Intensity: Cannabis plants require a minimum of 400-600 PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) during the vegetative stage. PAR is the range of light wavelengths that plants use for photosynthesis. Providing adequate light intensity ensures the plants receive enough energy for healthy growth.

Light Duration: Cannabis plants require a minimum of 18 hours of light per day during the vegetative stage. This extended light period ensures that the plants remain vegetative and do not start flowering prematurely. Some growers prefer to provide up to 24 hours of light daily to maximize vegetative growth.

Light Spectrum: During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants require a light spectrum high in blue (400-500 nm) and cool white light. Blue light is essential for vegetative growth, promoting stem and leaf growth. Cool white light helps maintain a balanced spectrum and provides the necessary PAR.

When selecting a light source for the vegetative stage, choosing a high-quality grow light that provides the necessary light intensity, duration, and spectrum is important. LED grow lights, metal halide (MH) grow lights, and fluorescent grow lights are all popular choices for vegetative growth.

It’s also important to consider the distance between the light source and the plants. During the vegetative stage, the light source should be about 18-24 inches above the plants to provide adequate light intensity without causing heat stress.

Providing the right light requirements during the vegetative stage ensures your cannabis plants grow healthy and strong. You can set your plants up for a successful flowering stage and maximize your yield by providing adequate light intensity, duration, and spectrum.

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