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Review of key concepts covered in the course

Cartier April 3, 2023

Throughout this course, we have covered several key concepts related to cannabis cultivation. Here’s a brief review of some of the most important topics:

Cannabis Growing Environment: Creating the right growing environment is crucial for successful cannabis cultivation. Key factors to consider include lighting, temperature, humidity, air circulation, and growing medium.

Germination: Germinating cannabis seeds is the first step in the growing process. Common germination methods include direct planting, paper towel method, soaking method, Jiffy pellet method, and Rockwool method.

Vegetative Growth: During the vegetative growth stage, cannabis plants require a balanced fertilizer that contains essential macronutrients and trace minerals. Key macronutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, while secondary macronutrients include calcium and magnesium.

Flowering Stage: During the flowering stage, cannabis plants require a 12/12 light cycle and a flowering spectrum light to promote bud development. It’s also important to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels and provide adequate ventilation.

Harvesting: Harvesting cannabis plants is a crucial step that determines the potency and quality of the final product. Popular harvesting techniques include cutting and drying, wet trimming, dry trimming, scissor hash, and water curing.

These are just a few of the key concepts covered in this course. By understanding these topics and applying them to your cannabis cultivation practices, you can produce high-quality and potent cannabis plants. It’s important to continue learning and exploring new techniques to improve your growing skills and optimize your results.

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