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5.1 Plant Training Techniques: LST, HST, and ScrOG

Cartier April 11, 2023

Plant training techniques are essential for maximizing cannabis yields, as they manipulate the plant’s growth to optimize light exposure, airflow, and overall canopy management. In this section, we will explore three popular plant training methods – Low-Stress Training (LST), High-Stress Training (HST), and Screen of Green (ScrOG) – and their benefits for indoor cannabis growers.

  1. Low-Stress Training (LST): LST is a gentle plant training method that involves bending and tying down branches to change the plant’s natural growth pattern. This technique encourages an even canopy, allowing more light to reach lower branches and promoting the development of multiple top colas. LST can be performed throughout the vegetative stage and is suitable for most cannabis strains. Benefits of LST include increased yields, improved airflow, and better light distribution.
  2. High-Stress Training (HST): HST involves intentionally causing stress to the plant to achieve a desired growth pattern. Common HST methods include topping (removing the main growing tip) and FIMming (removing a portion of the growing tip), which encourage the plant to produce multiple top colas. HST should be performed early in the vegetative stage to allow the plant ample time to recover before flowering. While HST can be more stressful for the plant, it can increase yields and more efficient use of the grow space.
  3. Screen of Green (ScrOG): ScrOG combines plant training and support techniques that involve placing a horizontal screen or net above the plants during the vegetative stage. As the plants grow, their branches are guided through the screen, creating an even canopy and maximizing light exposure. ScrOG is particularly useful for indoor growers with limited vertical space and can significantly increase yields by optimizing light distribution and encouraging the growth of multiple top colas.

In summary, plant training techniques such as LST, HST, and ScrOG are invaluable for indoor cannabis growers seeking to maximize their yields. By manipulating the growth patterns of their plants, growers can achieve a more even canopy, optimize light exposure, and promote the development of multiple top colas, resulting in higher yields and better utilization of the grow space.

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