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Verification Process

Cartier December 14, 2023


Welcome to the One Gallon Challenge! As contestants, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the verification process. This process ensures fairness and credibility throughout the competition, especially during the voting phase.

Last years 1 Gallon Challenge Bag and Verification

Purpose of Verification

Each bag you purchase for the challenge has a distinctive gold verification sticker. This sticker serves two primary purposes:

  1. Authentication: It confirms your participation in the One Gallon Challenge.
  2. Identification: The unique number on each bag links to our system, confirming the bag’s connection to you.

Importance of the Verification Sticker

  • Voting Integrity: During the voting phase, fans will vote based on the number and the accompanying picture of your growing process. The sticker’s number is your identity in the contest.
  • Consistency: The sticker must remain intact and visible on the bag throughout the challenge. Removing or tampering with the sticker can disqualify your entry, as it compromises the integrity of the competition.

Steps for Verification

  1. Receive Your Bag: Inspect the gold verification sticker upon receiving your challenge bag. Ensure it’s securely attached and the number is visible.
  2. Maintain the Sticker: During the growing process, ensure the sticker remains on the bag. Avoid covering or damaging it.
  3. Photographic Evidence: Regularly take photos of your growing process, ensuring the sticker and its number are visible in each picture. These photos will be crucial during the voting phase.

Final Notes

  • Transparency: This process ensures a transparent and fair competition for all contestants and voters.
  • Responsibility: It’s your responsibility to maintain the integrity of the verification sticker. Any breach could lead to disqualification.

Remember, the verification process is a cornerstone of the One Gallon Challenge. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your successful participation and upholds the spirit of fair competition. Good luck, and let the challenge begin!

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