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Secret Cheat Code

essfinesse December 2, 2023


Enhancing your experience in the One-Gallon Challenge became more manageable with these “Secret Cheat Codes”. These tips and resources can significantly boost your chances of success in the competition.

1. Purchasing Additional Seeds and Bags

  • Increase Your Odds: You can purchase up to six additional seeds to increase your chances of getting more female plants.
  • Deadline for Purchase: Make sure to complete your purchase by the 21st of December, as the portal for buying extra seeds will close after this date.

2. Farmer Freeman Sex Kit Test

  • Speed Up Gender Identification: The early stages of growth can be a period of uncertainty regarding the sex of your plants. To get a head start, you can use the Farmer Freeman Sex Kit Test.
  • How It Works: Send snippets of your plants’ first set of leaves to Farmer Freeman for testing. This will quickly reveal the gender of your plants, allowing you to focus on the female ones well before the second week of flowering.
  • Accessing the Kits: You can find the sex kits here. This link will guide you in purchasing and using the kits effectively.

3. Watch My YouTube Channel for Tips and Insider Clues

  • Valuable Insights: My YouTube channel is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and insider clues that can be crucial for success in the challenge.
  • Regular Updates: I post content covering various aspects of plant cultivation tailored explicitly for the One-Gallon Challenge.
  • Subscribe and Learn: Visit Youtube.com/cartier and subscribe to stay updated with the latest insights and advice.


Leveraging these secret cheat codes can significantly elevate your game in the One-Gallon Challenge. By purchasing additional seeds, utilizing the Farmer Freeman Sex Kit Test, and tuning into my YouTube channel, you’re not just participating; you’re empowering yourself with the knowledge and resources to excel. Let’s make this challenge a remarkable journey of learning and growth!

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