6 Powerful Tips from Tim Smith’s Growing Journey

Tim Smith's Journey from Howard Stern to Cannabis Success

In our latest podcast episode, we chat with Tim Smith, a new home grower who has found remarkable success with Native Sun Genetics seeds and the SimPro formula. Tim’s journey is unique—from his time on the Howard Stern Show to becoming an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.

Tim shares valuable tips for new growers and inspiring insights for seasoned veterans. His story is filled with practical advice and lessons learned from his home-growing experience. Join us to discover how Tim turned his passion for cannabis into a thriving venture and learn how you can apply his strategies to your own garden.

Why Grow with SimPro?

SimPro is the perfect nutrient solution for both new and advanced growers. Its formula simplifies the growing process, making it easier to achieve healthy, robust plants. With SimPro, you save time and money by providing your plants with everything they need in one easy-to-use product. For new growers, it takes the guesswork out of feeding schedules, ensuring your plants get the right nutrients at the right time. Advanced growers will appreciate the consistency and quality SimPro delivers, leading to bigger yields and better-quality harvests. Make the smart choice with SimPro and watch your garden thrive!

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