The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test

The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test adds ease to your life. So you may be new to growing or a veteran like me and always looking to improve your grow room. I mean, fem seeds are a great way to limit the headache of waiting for the plant to show sex. Auto seeds grow fast, but you cannot control the plant’s growth. 

What if there was a way to sex a plant in the early stages of growth to find her makeup? Before spending more time and money using the old-school method?

If you’re like me and love to run regulars because of the plant’s power and authenticity, you need to pay close attention to this article. 

The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test


Farmer Freeman is a service that will help to determine the sex of your babies. Using what is called the EZ-XY test within a few days.

Fast accurate and worth every penny. 

After receiving your test, you can plan for the future, knowing what will be running in the tent or confident in keeping a mom around.

Using the EZ-XY service will shave about six weeks off your veg time. 

Now you might say, well, is it expensive, or what will it cost me to test? 

Each test is around $15, but you can also get a bulk order to bring the price down significantly.

The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test

The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test 

Fems are great and have their place, but regulars are a joy to grow when it boils down to it. Besides, regulars carry more benefits and stability.


The Ultimate Cannabis Sex Test

The main thing is preserving the authenticity of the genetics we’ve come to love. 

So give it a shot and try your hand at Farmer Freeman’s dope-ass service geared to help you succeed and remove time, stress, and extra money from your garden.

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