The Blind Gorilla Online Cannabis Speakeasy: Redefining Cannabis Culture 

The Inception of The Blind Gorilla

Growing communities like Cartier Crops were battling invisible, inconsistent barriers in a world of fluctuating social media policies and an increasing appetite for censorship. 

Have you ever struggled to find a safe space to freely discuss, share, and learn about cannabis cultivation without fearing getting blocked or banned? 

Enter The Blind Gorilla, an innovative response to these challenges.

The Blind Gorilla has risen as an exclusive online speakeasy, a game-changer aimed at overcoming the hurdles of social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Its inception is born from the founders’ bitter experiences of having their informative cannabis posts, and videos abruptly blocked or removed. While other cannabis platforms offered a partial solution, they lacked the functional depth and breadth to foster a thriving, supportive community.

Cartier Crops Account Blocked by Facebook for Posting a weed Picture.

Now, picture an online space tailor-made for indoor home growers. A community where beginners and seasoned growers can collaborate, learn, and share their insights without a shadow of censorship looming overhead. This is precisely what The Blind Gorilla promises to be.

Not only do members get a personalized profile account, but they also get to join various niche groups within the network, aligning themselves with like-minded individuals who share their passion and curiosity for cannabis. 

But that’s not all – to enhance your cultivation knowledge, The Blind Gorilla has an inbuilt course section filled with wisdom drawn from 28 years of home-growing experience. The focus isn’t just on discussion but on imparting practical, applicable knowledge that you can directly implement in your cannabis cultivation journey.

#The Magic of Cartier Chat: AI’s Revolutionary Role in Cannabis Cultivation 

On your profile, you ll see this tab Cartier Chat. Type a question and get a growing answer.

In the age of artificial intelligence, leveraging technology is vital to staying ahead of the curve, and The Blind Gorilla is no exception. So, what sets this platform apart from the rest?

Introducing the Cartier Chat AI – an innovation combining six years of data with sophisticated artificial intelligence to create an unparalleled resource for home growers.

Cartier Chat AI revolutionizes how home growers access and process vital information. Built from six years of collective wisdom, this chatbot can tackle some of the most challenging questions that often stump home growers. Imagine having a virtual guide with years of practical, in-the-field experience at your fingertips, ready to help 24/7.

Cartier Chat AI in action

Imagine this – you’re in the middle of your cultivation routine and stumble upon a pressing issue. What do you do? With Cartier Chat, you’re never alone. It’s Like Cartier Crops, a seasoned cultivator with immense knowledge, right in your corner any day.

Cartier Chat AI Rewards You

Preparing a Super Soil mix or debating your light source and the plant canopy given a specific wattage, Cartier Chat guides you. It’s a highly responsive tool aims to make your cannabis cultivation journey smoother and more rewarding. 

And here’s the best part! This tool, once accessible only to those who could afford Cartier’s private consulting, is now included in your Blind Gorilla membership. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the transformative power of Cartier Chat AI yourself. As a member of The Blind Gorilla, you gain not only access to a vast network of cannabis enthusiasts. You also a potent tool that can help you up your growing game significantly.

And, if you can’t find your answer through Cartier Chat, rest assured. You can send a message directly to Cartier through the Blind Gorilla and hold a live chat.

Enrich Your Knowledge: Access to Comprehensive Courses 

Just a few of the courses you’ll gain access to once inside.

One key feature that makes The Blind Gorilla a standout platform is its wealth of instructional resources. But we’re not just talking about quick tips or guidelines here. We’re talking about fully-fledged courses that dive deeply into various aspects of cannabis cultivation. 

As a member, you unlock helpful courses designed specifically for indoor home growers. For instance, struggle no more with identifying cannabis deficiencies thanks to the ‘Candentify’ course. Have you ever wished for a blueprint to guide cannabis growth in coco coir? Cartier’s ‘Super Coco Blueprint’ course has got you covered. And if you’ve been facing challenges in cloning cannabis, there’s a dedicated course for that too.

These courses are more than just instructional videos. They are comprehensive guides created by Cartier, sharing tried and tested techniques in a structured and easy-to-view setting. Imagine being privy to years of Cartier’s wisdom and experience, all neatly organized and readily accessible on your profile. 

Cartier will continue to create and add new content as the platform evolves. Offering members a front-row seat to his latest findings and methodologies. Furthermore, The Blind Gorilla plans to bring other indoor home-growing experts on board. Showcasing diverse cultivation styles and methods.


So, if you’ve been looking for a comprehensive and interactive learning platform for cannabis cultivation. The Blind Gorilla might be your answer. Remember, it’s not just about courses and AI chatbots. It’s about being part of a caring community of like-minded individuals striving for mutual growth and success. 

After helping over 27,000 home growers worldwide, The Blind Gorilla invites you to join the fun and make a significant difference in your growing journey. Sign up today, and let your quest for knowledge begin. Stay tuned as we explore more exciting features and developments on The Blind Gorilla platform.