How Long To Soak A Cannabis Seed

Start Soaking Seeds

Hard Seeds? Use this recipe for a 100% Seed Germination Rate.

Soaking Cannabis Seeds

Soaking cannabis seeds is a great thing. But what do you use to soak the seeds?

I know this guy, Ted. He always had trouble germinating seeds. Only from NSG (Native Sun Genetics) was the thing.

At first, I thought the issue was the specific seed lines. Ted Tried directly into the soil. The paper towel method. The water on a plate with a paper towel method. 

Each time, the same problem. No taproot or growth in the soil pot. Then Ted planted seeds from various breeders, and he was good most of the time. 

What’s the issue with NSG seeds? He popped the same seeds thousands of others did from NSG. At the tune of 95% success rate. I was confused, man!

Soaking Seeds Questions

Then, I asked a few questions about what Ted used down to the water and pH levels. 

Then it hit me. Focusing on Ted’s process and not the process I’ve used for 20+ years was the issue. 

When I asked him if he knew anything about hard seeds, he was puzzled. He said, “aren’t all seeds alike?” I said Hail to the NO-NO Big Pimpn!

I researched the members of our private network. Notice that we’re using a single method along with 1 product to get a 100% seed germination rate. Some seeds have a more rigid shell than others seeds. 

Presoaking Hard Seeds

NSG seeds are hard. You need to soak them in a solution. The water you use matters. Additives will make a difference. Last, the soaking time will help you. Additives will make a difference. 


There are a few recipes to choose from, and even more when you get creative. 


Hydrogen Peroxide Seed Soaking Method

  • ⅛ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Seeds
  • Soak for 12 hrs

The hydrogen peroxide will help the seedling soften before planting or the paper towel method. Wait until you see a ¼” tap root, then transplant for a better result. 

Azos Seed Soaking Method

Soaking Seeds

  • ½ Tablespoon Azos
  • ½ cup Springwater
  • Soak for 12 hrs

Paper Towel Germination

The best method, in my opinion, is the paper towel method. Planting directly into the soil after soaking will work for sure. 

But for the best result, the paper towel method is the one. All you need is a ¼” tap root, then youre good to go. 


Soaking Seeds

All seeds aren’t the same, and making a water mix for your seedlings can help you out more than you know. If you’re doing well without the soaking process, then dont fix what isn’t broken, but if youre like many growers who have trouble, then using the recipe above will help you out a lot. Native Sun Genetics has hard shell seeds, and you will need seed soaking before planting. The only way to get past the shell is a soak when it comes to hard seeds. 

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