The Magic of Roots Organic Terp Teas for Indoor Growers

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The Magic of Roots Organic Terp Teas for Cannabis Indoor Growers

As you navigate the world of indoor growing, have you heard about the wonders of Roots Organic Terp Teas Bloom?

One of the most common issues indoor growers face is the natural depletion of soil nutrients. If you’re noticing your plants aren’t as vibrant or growing as vigorously around week 4 of vegetation, it’s likely due to a decline in essential nutrients.

This guide will help you understand why it’s crucial to supplement your soil, especially with trusted solutions like Roots Organic Terp Teas, and how to do so for the best results. Below is a recipe formula to help you make a dope mix as an additive while you grow your bomb!

Benefits of Roots Organic Terp Teas in Maintaining a Healthy Vegetative and Flowering Cycle

1. Balanced Nutrient Supply

Roots Organic products, such as the Terp Tea Grow and Bloom formulas, are designed to provide a well-rounded blend of both macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micronutrients (such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur) that are essential for plant health. This balance is crucial because, like a balanced diet for humans, plants require different nutrients in varying amounts throughout their lifecycle.

2. Addressing Soil Nutrient Depletion

In natural soil environments, especially in indoor settings, nutrients are quickly depleted as plants absorb them for growth. By week 4 of vegetation, this depletion can become significant, leading to nutrient deficiencies that manifest as yellowing leaves, stunted growth, or other health issues in plants. Roots Organic formulations replenish these essential nutrients, ensuring that plants have a continuous and adequate supply throughout both vegetative and flowering stages.

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3. Organic Composition

The organic nature of Roots Organic products is beneficial for cannabis cultivation. Organic nutrients are often better for the soil’s health, contributing to a more natural growing environment. They help in maintaining soil structure, water retention, and microbial activity, all of which contribute to the overall health and resilience of the plant.

4. Tailored for Cannabis Growth Cycles

The specific formulation of the Grow and Bloom variants caters to the distinct needs of cannabis plants in different growth stages. The Grow formula is nitrogen-rich, promoting robust vegetative growth, which is essential for establishing a strong foundation for flowering. On the other hand, the Bloom formula is high in phosphorus and potassium, which are critical for bud development, flavor, and aroma during the flowering stage.

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More Flavor is Always Better!

5. Enhanced Flavor and Aroma

The organic compounds in Roots Organic products can contribute to the development of richer flavors and aromas in cannabis flowers. This is particularly important for growers who prioritize the quality and sensory attributes of their harvest.

6. Safe and Sustainable

Using organic fertilizers like Roots Organic is considered environmentally friendly. They are typically safer for the grower, the consumer, and the environment, reducing the risk of chemical run-off and soil degradation.

7. Improved Plant Health and Resilience

Healthy nutrition contributes to the overall vigor of the plant, making it more resilient against pests and diseases. By providing a complete and balanced diet, Roots Organic helps in developing stronger, healthier plants capable of withstanding various stressors.

Using Roots Organic fertilizers for cannabis cultivation addresses the critical nutritional needs of the plants at various stages of their life cycle. It ensures a steady supply of essential nutrients, promotes organic and sustainable growing practices, and ultimately contributes to the yield and quality of the final product.

Using Roots Organic Terp Teas to Supplement Soil

When the natural nutrients in your soil begin to wane, you must supplement to ensure your plants remain healthy. Brands like Roots Organic or Gaia Green offer nutrient-rich amendments to revitalize soil.

Here’s an essential guide on how to supplement:

  • Determine Deficiency: First, identify if your plants show signs of nutrient deficiency.
  • Choose Your Supplement: Based on your plants’ needs, pick an appropriate organic nutrient blend.
  • Follow the Instructions: Always read and follow the package directions to avoid over-fertilizing.

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Choosing the Right Formula

While formulas like SimPro can work for nutrient supplementation, they aren’t always the best choice for organic growing. Here’s why:

  • Organic vs. Non-Organic: Non-organic formulas often require additional steps to remove excess salts and chemicals, like a thorough flushing at the end of your growth cycle. Organic formulas or teas, on the other hand, are more gentle on the soil and plants, often negating the need for flushing.
  • Improved Health and Flavor: Plants often respond better to organic feedings, leading to better overall plant health and potentially enhanced taste and aroma for consumable plants.

Creating recipes for indoor cannabis cultivation using Roots Organic Terp Tea Grow and Bloom formulas involves understanding the specific needs of cannabis plants during different stages of their growth cycle. Cannabis plants have two main stages: the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. The Grow formula is typically used during the vegetative stage, while the Bloom formula is more suitable for the flowering stage.

Recipe for Vegetative Stage (Using Terp Tea Grow)

The vegetative stage is when your cannabis plants are growing their stems and leaves, preparing for flowering. During this stage, they require a higher concentration of nitrogen.


  1. Roots Organic Terp Tea Grow
  2. Water (preferably at a pH of around 6.0 to 7.0)
The Magic of Roots Organic Terp Teas for Cannabis Indoor Growers


  1. Mixing Rate: Begin with 1 tablespoon of Terp Tea Grow per gallon of water. This is a general guideline and can be adjusted based on plant response and growth rate.
  2. Application: Water your cannabis plants with this solution once every week. It’s important to monitor the response of your plants. If they show signs of nutrient burn (like brown, curling tips of leaves), reduce the concentration.
  3. Soil Drench: Ensure the mixture is applied evenly across the soil. Avoid overwatering or letting the plants sit in water.
  4. pH Adjustment: After mixing the solution, check the pH and adjust if necessary to maintain a range of 6.0 to 7.0.

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Recipe for Flowering Stage (Using Terp Tea Bloom)

In the flowering stage, cannabis plants need more phosphorus and potassium to support flower development.


  1. Roots Organic Terp Tea Bloom
  2. Water (pH adjusted as above)


  1. Mixing Rate: Use 1 tablespoon of Terp Tea Bloom per gallon of water. Adjust as needed based on plant size and response.
  2. Application: Apply this mix once every week. Be attentive to the plant’s reaction, reducing the dose if there are signs of nutrient excess.
  3. Soil Drench: Water the soil evenly, ensuring that the nutrients are well distributed.
  4. Monitoring: Keep an eye on the pH and the overall health of the plants. Adjust your feeding schedule based on the flowering stage and the plant’s needs.

Additional Tips:

  • Transitioning: When shifting from the vegetative to the flowering stage, gradually introduce the Bloom formula while reducing the Grow formula to avoid shocking the plants.
  • Observation: Always observe your plants’ reactions. Yellowing leaves, stunted growth, or leaf burn can indicate nutrient imbalances.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent feeding and watering schedule. Cannabis plants are sensitive to changes in their environment.
  • Flush: Towards the end of the flowering stage, consider flushing the soil with plain water to remove excess nutrients, improving the taste and quality of the buds.

Keep in mind that these are starting points. Each strain and growing environment is unique, so adjustments might be necessary. Always follow local regulations regarding cannabis cultivation.

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Final Thoughts

Remember, as a grower, your plants depend on you for their nutritional needs. Regularly monitoring and understanding when to supplement can make the difference between a mediocre grow and a flourishing one. Embrace organic growing methods for healthier plants and a more sustainable growing practice. Happy growing! 🌱🌿

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Want to learn cool plant-growing secrets?

Hey I’m Cartier Crops. Since 2018, I’ve been helping passionate cultivators in the cannabis industry. Join our community and get insider knowledge about plant cultivation.

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