The Ultimate Drip Collection | Blue Biscotti – Cookie Dough – Berry Gelato




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The Ultimate Drip Collection

Each Pack includes 6 seeds of:

  1. Blue Biscotti (Blueberry f5 x Biscotti)
  2. Berry Gelato (Thin Mint Cookie x Blueberry f5)
  3. Cookie Dough (Do-Si-Dos X Girl Scout Cookie)

Introducing our exclusive, limited-time offer: The Ultimate Drip Collection! This collection features exceptional crosses of the renowned DJ Short Blueberry strain with Do-si-dos, Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mint Cookie, and Biscotti. These elite genetics are perfect for outdoor and indoor growers, providing the best of both worlds.

Why grow Blueberry crosses? Blueberry crosses a highly sought-after strain, valued for its deliciously sweet, fruity aroma, flavor, and mold-resistant properties. These characteristics make it the ideal choice for growers facing challenges with humidity and high temperatures. By choosing Blueberry crosses, you can be confident that your plants will thrive even in less-than-perfect conditions.

For a limited time, we’re offering you an unbeatable deal on this Ultimate Drip Genetics Collection. Supplies are limited; once they’re gone, prices will return to normal after this weekend. Don’t miss your chance to save on these premium genetics – other suppliers may charge up to 3x the price we’re offering you today!

Act now to take advantage of this one-time offer on all three strains at a discounted price. Enhance your grow game and experience the exceptional quality of these Blueberry crosses. Don’t delay, as this offer won’t last long!


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