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SOUR SPLIFF // Sour Pez x Sage and Sour Feminized



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The Almighty Sour Spliff

Sour Spliff by Native Sun Genetics is an Indica-dominant strain with a sweet and sour taste. It was created using the genetics of Sour Pez and Sage and Sour, two of the most popular cannabis strains worldwide. This hybrid offers a balanced body high with relaxing effects that help you unwind after a long day. Growing Sour Spliff takes about 9 to 10 weeks indoors. You can expect large buds with dense crystals.

Sour Spliff Strain

The ever-so-sexy Sour Spliff is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet, sour taste and a high THC content. The name “Sour Spliff” comes from its signature flavor profile that switches between sweet and sour throughout your experience.

The strain’s THC content ranges from 17-25%, making it one of the most potent strains on our list today. However, many users report being able to use less than an eighth when smoking this strain because of its potency! You’ll feel relaxed but not sedated after blazing. Perfect for unwinding after work or heading out for dinner or drinks later in the evening.

Genetics: Sour Pez Strain x Sage and Sour Strain

The Sour Pez is a cross between Pink Pez and Sour Diesel. The Pink Pez is a cross between Pez and Pink Sour Grapefruit.

Sage and Sour is another popular strain at dispensaries worldwide; this one is a cross between Sage and an unknown Haze strain grown in Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, or India.

Sour Spliff Benefits

  • Relaxation: Sour Spliffs is an Indica-dominant hybrid best used at night to help you relax. This strain is perfect for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Creativity: You can focus on creative projects to get work done efficiently. You may have heard people calling this type of bud “work weed” because it allows them to be more productive than usual.
  • Mood Elevation: One of the happiest strains out there due to its uplifting effects on mood and energy levels. This strain works excellent for patients who suffer from chronic depression or social anxiety disorder because it can help them feel confident enough in themselves again to get back into the world around them (and not just sit inside).


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