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Mother: Sour Bubble
Father: Cartier Diesel
Family: 60/40 Indica
Sex: Reg
Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 56-65 Days
Yield: Heavy Producer


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The Sour Gum Diesel  brings together the best of two incredible strains: Sour Bubble and Cartier Diesel. This unique combination results in a cannabis variety that offers a captivating aroma and potent effects.

Sour Gum Diesel Seed Taste and Effects

The sour bubble contributes its distinctively tangy and fruity notes, infusing the sour gum diesel with a delightful sweetness.

On the other hand, the Cartier Diesel lends its powerful fuel-like scent, adding an extra layer of intensity to the overall profile.

When cultivated, these seeds produce plants that showcase the perfect balance between these two exceptional genetics, offering a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

This is favored for its potent THC content and unique combination of earthy, citrus, and diesel flavors.

A highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts and growers alike. Known for their distinct and pungent aroma, these seeds produce a strain of marijuana that is revered for its energizing and uplifting effects.

Cultivating Sour Diesel from its seeds requires careful attention to environmental conditions and expert cultivation techniques.

This combination offers enthusiasts a sensory journey that is both uplifting and relaxing. The Sour Bubble strain brings a soothing euphoria, while Cartier Diesel adds a burst of invigorating energy.

Together, they create a balanced high that is perfect for those seeking a multifaceted cannabis encounter.


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