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SimPro Nutrients – Transition Formula




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1lb, 25lb, 50lb, 5lb


SimPro Nutrients Transition Formula

The magical SimPro Nutrients Transition Formula is like a superhero created to battle against the enemy of stretch during the first two weeks of flower. But its powers are even stronger when used in inert media where the grower controls the nutrient delivery. With its help, you can keep the internode spacing tight and ensure your flowers bloom with a fierce strength that will leave others in awe.

The cannabis transition stage marks a critical juncture in the growth cycle of your plants. As they make the transformation from the vegetative cannabis phase to the flowering phase, intricate physiological changes take place beneath the surface.

During this stage, the plant reallocates its energy reserves, redirecting its focus from foliage and stem growth towards the production of blossoms. This shift is accompanied by a series of complex biochemical processes that trigger the initiation of flower buds.

Proper care, including the right nutrient balance and environmental conditions, plays a vital role in supporting this transition and laying the groundwork for healthy bud formation and ultimately, a successful harvest.

So let Transition Formula be your sidekick and watch your canopy flourish like never before!

Transition Formula Directions For Use:

Mix 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon (5-10 grams) per 1 Gallon of Water.

Fill the water container/reservoir before adding nutrients.

  • Foliar Feed                   EC 0.5 (250ppm US)  Weekly Before Bud Set
  • Clone / Seedling           EC 0.6 (300ppm US)  Every Watering / Use Bloom
  • Coco/Hydro                  EC 1.8 (900ppm US)  Every  Watering
  • Soil                               EC1.0  (500ppm US)  Every Other Watering

5gm = 1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters

SimPro Nutrient Plant Nutrient Chart


Additional information


1lb, 25lb, 50lb, 5lb


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