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SimPro Cal Mag Formula




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Tap into unparalleled cannabis growth by utilizing the potent trio of ‘cal mag’ – a dynamic fusion containing calcium, magnesium, and iron. This dynamic trio works in synergy to create an ideal environment for your plants, promoting vigorous growth, lush foliage, and robust yields.

Embark on a journey of exceptional cannabis growth with the transformative influence of ‘cal mag for cannabis’. Our meticulously crafted formula combines the perfect synergy of calcium and magnesium to provide your plants with the essential building blocks they need for robust development.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a passionate newcomer, integrating the ‘cal mag’ blend into your cultivation process can pave the way for lush, vigorous growth that sets the stage for an abundant and bountiful harvest.

Unleash the potential of your cannabis garden by harnessing the power of calcium, magnesium, and iron through our innovative coco buffer supplement. Elevate your cannabis cultivation to new heights with our advanced coco buffer supplement, meticulously formulated to provide a harmonious blend of essential nutrients including calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Unlock the true potential of your cannabis plants with our SimPro Formula, infused with the essential ‘cal mag’ blend for optimal growth and vitality.


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