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SHOW BIZ STRAIN // Show Stopper OG x Wizard Punch


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BIG TIME! Imagine being a superstar with all the flash and attention, pulling up in a stretched Rolls Royce stepping out like a Trillion bucks. The world slows, and you become Neyo from the matrix. Untouchable, with the touch of a Wizard.

Your purple hooded cloak hangs over your stoned eyes. You stop, remove the hoody and spark the most delicate flower known to man. It’s Time For Show Biz, and the world goes Wild! You’re Super Human!


Mother: Show Stopper OG

Father: Wizard Punch

Family: 60/40 Indica

Sex: Regular

Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush

Height: Medium/Tall

Flowering Time: 72-79 Days

Yield: Medium/Heavy Producer


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Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 0.25 in


SHOW BIZ STRAIN Exotic Strain Review

Show Biz Exotic Strain

I’ll admit. The Show Biz strain review wasn’t supposed to come to light. Show Biz is like the baby you and the wife didn’t plan on having. My Wizard Punch male pollinated my Show Stopper OG and made 30 seeds. They sat for about a year. At that point, I was looking for something different with more trichomes and much more terpene with flavor.

I popped all 30 beans, and they took off fast—strong thick branches with tough stalks. The leaves are enormous with 9 blades, but the buds didn’t form quickly. The last thing I wanted was to flower a strain for 9 weeks and not keep a pheno. I been there and done that a hundred times. What I would see next would change my mind and offer affection to a specific plant.

Crazy Trichomes

On week 8 Show Biz started to do something I’d never seen before. Each time I would take a picture of the room, one plant would be brighter than the flash. I grabbed my magnifying glass, zoomed in 1000 times, and saw the prettiest trichomes the eyes could see. She had purple hues, and the buds were solid white. On the tips was a color of black and purple—white tips scattered from left to right, crosses into each other, and the sexiest purple liquid ever.

The Grape Stomper OG is coming through, and the Purple Punch smells smack you in the nose like you cussed out yo momma. When you squeeze the buds, your fingers get stuck, and you’d swear your cookie dough was in the oven.

Terpenes Win

Regarding Show Biz terpene profile, Linalool seems to run the show. A floral smell is excellent for depression, convulsions, insomnia, and pain relief. Add some limonene for bitter citrus exhale. It’s such a delight.

Other terpenes found in this variety are Pinene which is excellent for mental alertness. Terpinolene is great for heart disease and sleep aid.

Show Biz Strain Review Conclusion

After a fatty of Show Biz, you can bet youre not doing much after. You won’t have sweet dreams because there aren’t any.

Please take my word for it. Show Biz is a collector’s dream and worth having in your arsenal of supreme fire.




Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 0.25 in


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