Seed Germination



There are many ways to germinate cannabis seeds and this can be confusing. I know you probably searched the web, studied videos within Youtube or Vimeo and still may have questions or concerns. Ya see, growing anything is about style and technique and when these to come together you get a result.

In this course we focus on a result using my style and technique & eliminating the headache that’s associate with seed germination. You will get a step by step guide showing you the secrets on how to :


  1. Prep seed substrate
  2. Cartier Crops proven nutrient recipe
  3. Housing seedling and temps
  4. Transplant seedlings into new home

If you’re having trouble or never planted a cannabis seedling, I assure you this course will put you on the highway to success. You can remove the worries and fears you may have starting out for the first time and build confidence knowing your investment will pay you back time and time again using my proven technique.




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