PURPLE PRESSURE // QRilla x Pimp Juice f2 seeds



Mother: QRilla
Father: Pimp Juice f2
Family: TBD
Sex: Regular
Growing Conditions: TBD
Height: TBD
Flowering Time: TBD
Yield: TBD

Additional information


Purple Pressure (QRilla x Pimp Juice) by Native Sun Genetics

Introducing Purple Pressure, a tantalizing blend of QRilla and Pimp Juice, engineered to introduce a new depth of flavor to the formidable Cartier Cookie lineage. Born from the coupling of Cartie Cookie x Boogati (QRilla) and Cartier Cookie x Purple Punch (Pimp Juice), this strain is a rare gem in our collection, boasting a profile that is as sleek as it is robust.

Purple Pressure is currently part of our exclusive tester program, giving our community a unique opportunity to contribute to its cultivation story. While its flowering time and yield are still to be determined by our avid growers, early reports highlight its exceptional potential.

This strain has an alluring rarity that commands attention – should you spot these seeds in stock, we recommend securing your share swiftly. Purple Pressure offers not only the opportunity to grow a rare variety but also the chance to be part of shaping a new indoor cultivation legend.

As the name suggests, expect a rush of deep, vibrant purple hues and an undercurrent of intense flavor that represents the best of its parent strains. Purple Pressure is a testament to our relentless pursuit of cultivating distinct, high-quality strains for our community. Your chance to experience this captivating strain is just a click away. Act fast and let Purple Pressure redefine your indoor growing experience.