Purple Lemon Haze// Lemon Haze x Pimp Juice



Mother: Lemon Haze
Father: Pimp Juice f2
Family: 20/80
Sex: Regular
Growing: Medium Height
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Yield: Heavy


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Purple Lemon Haze

Purple Lemon Haze

Purple Lemon Haze is a refreshing and zesty strain carefully crafted by Cartier Crops. We’ve mixed Lemon Haze with Pimp Juice from Native Sun Genetics, resulting in a unique blend with a hint of grape.

Perfect for day use, this sativa-dominant strain is energetic and uplifting. It’s ideal for a day of creativity or a mood boost.

Terpene Profile

The key to its unique taste and aroma is in the terpenes. We’ve worked hard to increase the levels of Limonene and Pinene. These terpenes give it a zingy lemon, piney, and grape-like aroma and flavor. They’re known for benefits like mood uplift, stress relief, and better focus.

How It Feels

When you use Purple Lemon Haze, expect a wave of happiness and an energy boost. It’s great for sparking creativity and focus. Plus, it provides gentle relaxation without feeling too sleepy.


Purple Lemon Haze is currently in the testing phase and is available only to NSG seed testers and members. We’re excited to share this flavorful and potent strain with our community.

In short, Purple Lemon Haze combines the best of both parents – Lemon Haze and Pimp Juice. It offers potent sativa effects, excellent flavors, and uplifting vibes. It’s truly a strain that can make your cannabis experience invigorating and delightful.