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PIMPS BUNDLE // 18 Regular Seeds



Berry Babka 6 Seeds
Pimp Juice 6 Seeds
Kingpin Punch 6 Seeds

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Get ready to elevate your cultivation game with the Pimpers Bundle Deal – a trio of our most loved and appreciated strains: Pimp Juice f2, KingPin Punch, and Berry Babka. This curated selection represents what Cartier Crops of Native Sun Genetics has to offer.

🌿 Pimp Juice f2: An outstanding blend of Cartier Cookie x Purple Punch, this strain has already made its mark in the cannabis world. Famed for its super grape flavor, potent sting, and abundant trichomes, Pimp Juice f2 will turn your ordinary grow into a grand spectacle.

🌿 KingPin Punch: A majestic pairing of Cartier OG and Pimp Juice f2, KingPin Punch is a testament to royal quality. The strain flaunts golf-ball-sized buds, drenched in grape tones and covered with a lavish layer of white trichomes. It’s a blend that’ll make you feel you’re on top of the world.

🌿 Berry Babka: An irresistible mix of Blueberry Muffins and Pimp Juice f2, Berry Babka is all about the sensory experience. The strain fills your growing room with the tantalizing aroma of baked bread and blueberry cream pie. It’s a harmonious blend that offers an uplifting experience without the excessive couch-lock effect.

The Pimpers Bundle Deal is an opportunity to experience the wide range of sensory delights and high-quality yield these premium strains offer. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or just starting your green journey, this bundle will provide an unparalleled cultivation experience.

So why choose one when you can have them all? Get your hands on the Pimpers Bundle Deal today, and let your cultivation journey be the envy of all. After all, life is too short for the average cannabis. Elevate your experience with the Pimpers Bundle Deal!


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