PIMP JUICE // Cartier Cookie x Purple Punch


Mother: Cartier Cookie

Father: Purple Punch

Sex: Reg




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Pimp Juice

When we say fire in the hole, we mean fire in the bowl when it comes to Pimp Juice! Pimp Juice will easily become a home grower’s classic. Bringing the best grape-tasting fruit to a jet fuel exhale from the Cartier Cookie.

Cartier Crops used a Larry OG female after pheno hunting for the best of the litter. 8 years ago, Cartier was given some Grand Daddy Purple pollen, and that was tall, strong, and vigorous, gleaming in white trichs.

If you’re not familiar with what makes Purple Punch, the 2 strains Larry OG & GDP are the pyramid base. After Cartier Crops made his rendition of Purple Punch, he held the offspring for a special moment.

Bringing Cartier Cookie into the line would add the power Purple Punch was missing or, should we say, needed to make a super fire grape-flavored experience.

With Cartier Cookie touching levels in the 30% range, we can assure you the Juice is Loose! LOL

What You Will Find

After running the offspring from this collection, we noticed 2 phenos that stood out. A tall Sativa-driven strain and a shorter Indica variety with more snow than Pablo Escobar’s boat shipments. LOL

You can’t go wrong with this variety, especially if youre a power player that loves a fruit-flavored exhale when you blaze.

Here’s the thing! She won’t be around long as we will be breeding back into the f1 variety to stabilize the genome. Getting your hands on these beauties will make you the talk of the town.

Not to mention bragging rights within your circle.

We highly recommend keeping a clone from you you find within the Pimp Juice line, or you will regret not doing so. If you’re not familiar with cloning, you should brush up on your knowledge with Cartier Crops cloning video series by click here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5bZDkUfbKvh_FK61XRkINg4MnrpDnIH6

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.25 in

6 beans per pack, 12 beans per pack


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