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Mother: Lemonade
Father: Cherry Pie
Family: 60/40
Height: Medium
Flowering Time: 9 WEEKS
Yield: High

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Limoncello Feminized Strain


Limoncello feminized strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain was created after a cross between the popular Lemmonade and Cherry Pie strains. The resulting genetics of this cross have been said to smell like lemons, with a hint of pine and cedarwood. As for the taste of limoncello, it tends to have a sweet flavor that tastes almost like candy.


This strain is one of the most popular and well-known strains around. It has a very unique look to it, with thick, dark green leaves that are short and bushy. The buds are large and dense, with a high calyx to leaf ratio. This means that there are more trichomes than other strains which makes it easier for you to consume your dose in an efficient way!

The smell is very fruity and earthy, similar to a forest after the rain. It has a fresh, citrus aroma with hints of pine and spice. This strain has very strong effects and can be quite overwhelming for new users. It’s often compared to being hit by a train at full speed—you’ll be knocked out cold!

Flavor Profile

This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that smells sweet and citrusy, like a lemon or orange. The smoke tastes like it smells, with a hint of pine at the end. It has an uplifting effect that can help you relax but still be productive if you need to do some work during your high.


Lemoncello smells citrusy, with a hint of berry and fruit. It’s an indica-dominant strain that has an earthy aroma.


The Lemoncello strain, known for its calming effects, making it great for anxiety and stress relief. It also helps to combat nausea and promote appetite as well as relaxation in general. The smell of lemon is present in the cannabis itself, but it’s not overpowering or too intense—it’s actually kind of pleasant!


The effects of this strain are well-known for their ability to help users relax and unwind. While many strains on the market today have a reputation for being stress relievers, this one is especially effective at soothing the mind and body. It’s also great if you want something that will make you feel uplifted and euphoric while still allowing you to function day-to-day.

The effects have an uplifting effect on the user, making them feel relaxed and more creative than usual. Many people use it in order to help themselves fall asleep when they have trouble sleeping at night due to anxiety or stress. The munchies can also make it ideal for someone who wants something that can help them get through a long day without feeling hungry or deprived of food—especially if they’re trying not only lose weight but also to increase their metabolism as well!

Medical Properties

Pain relief, inflammation reduction and bacterial/fungal protection are all possible benefits of consuming this strain.

Limoncello strain is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Limoncello strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. This means that it has a 50:50 ratio of Indica and Sativa, giving it the perfect balance between relaxing effects and mental clarity.

Indica dominant hybrids are great for the relaxing effects that make them perfect for unwinding after a long day at work or relax with friends at home. People who enjoy limoncello might also enjoy lemon desserts such as lemon bars and lemon meringue pie, which have a strong lemony flavor.


Overall, Limoncello is a great strain for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. It’s also a good option for users who need help sleeping. This strain has a sweet and citrusy aroma with hints of pine and earthy undertones that smell like fresh herbs. When smoked, it tastes like lemons mixed with sugar cookies! All in all, Limoncello is a very enjoyable Indica dominant hybrid that we highly recommend trying out if you haven’t already!


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