JUICY BUTTER // 6 Regular Seeds


Mother: Pimp Juice
Father: Gorilla Butter
Family: 40/60 Sativa
Sex: Regular
Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
Height: Tall
Flowering Time: 72-81 Days
Yield: Medium/ Heavy Producer

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Juicy Butter is a new hybrid cannabis strain bred by the famous seed bank Native Sun genetics.

The cross between Pimp Juice and Gorilla Butter is an Indica-dominant plant producing high yields with a sweet aroma and flavor.

Flowering time for this strain can be as short as eight weeks, but it’s recommended to wait until ten weeks before harvesting.

The plants grow between 80 and 150 cm tall. Juicy Butter will develop dense buds covered in resin glands that turn purple when exposed to colder temperatures or low humidity levels during flowering.”


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