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6 Seeds Per Pack
Mother: Gushers
Father: Lost Paradise
Sex: Regular
Light cycle: Photo
Flowering Time: 60-68 Days

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Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 0.25 in

6 beans per pack, 12 beans per pack


Grape Waters Strain

Embark on a horticultural journey with the Grape Waters, a remarkable fusion of flavor and vigor. This strain, a blend of the flavorful Gushers and robust Lost Paradise, is a testament to expert breeding.

Mother: Gushers

Gushers S1, the mother of Grape Waters, is a balanced indica/Sativa variety from East Coast Genetix. This strain thrives in various environments: indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. Gushers S1 requires about 70 days of flowering time, showcasing its adaptability and resilience. This flexibility makes it a favored choice for diverse cultivation settings.

Father: Lost Paradise

Partnering with Gushers S1 in creating Grape Waters is Lost Paradise. This strain contributes to the hybrid vigor and complexity of Grape Waters. The father’s genetics play a crucial role in defining the overall character and growth pattern of the Grape Waters strain.

Grape Waters Strain: A Symphony of Flavors and Growth

The Grape Waters stands out for its harmonious taste and growth efficiency blend. Regular seeds ensure a natural growing process, aligning with traditional cultivation practices. It’s a photoperiod strain, responding to light cycles to maximize its potential.

Terpene Profiles and What to Expect

Prepare for a sensory delight with the Grape Waters. It boasts a rich terpene profile, offering a symphony of flavors. Expect notes of sweet grapes intertwined with subtle earthy undertones, a signature trait of its Gushers lineage. The aromatic experience is as rewarding as its visual appeal.

Grape Water Strain Flowering Time

Grape Waters impresses with a relatively short flowering time of 60-68 days. This rapid development is a plus for growers eager to see their efforts bear fruit quickly. It’s a perfect balance, offering a timely harvest without sacrificing quality.

Growing Grape Waters Strain

Cultivating Grape Waters is a journey filled with satisfaction. Its ease of growth makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers. This strain’s resilience and adaptability allow it to flourish in various conditions, making it a reliable addition to any garden.

Conclusion: A Strain Worth Exploring

In conclusion, Grape Waters is more than just a strain; it’s an experience. Its balanced genetics, delightful flavors, and manageable growth cycle make it a must-try for enthusiasts and cultivators. Embrace the growing Grape Waters journey and revel in your labor’s fruits.

Additional information

Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 0.25 in

6 beans per pack, 12 beans per pack


  1. Dillon (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic! I seen cartier crops on a pod cast. Mr grow it! He sounded confident in his shit so i decided to give him a try! By far the best and the most stable genetics i have ever gotten! I only popped 6 beans and every female was an absolute banger! The smell and the taste was exactly what i was looking for! Alot of bullshit breeders out there! These guys are the real deal!

    • Cartier

      Glad things turned out fire for you bro! Welcome to the family

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