Grape Stomper OG f2



  • Genetics: Grape Stomper OG f1 BX (Male) Grape Stomper OG f1
  • Sex: Regular
  • Indica | Sativa – 50%/50%
  • Flowering Time: 10 weeks
  • Indoor | Outdoor: Both
  • Yield: Heavy
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Grape stomper seeds are a photoperiod variety of marijuana seeds. It is an Indica and Sativa strain combination that is easy to grow. Earlier this strain was called as Sour grapes. Over a period of few years many alterations have been made to develop the seeds from the clones. The lineage of these seeds is Purple Elephant Indica strain and a Sativa strong Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This cross has lead to an intense and consistent sugar supply along with grape fuel. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors. It is a medium sized plant with huge piles of sugary flowers. The leaf tips are frosty till the end, which is one of the original traits of the Grape Stomper variety.

The Grape Stomper leads to a Sativa high that is hard to miss along with complete relaxation of the body. It gives a feeling of walking on the clouds. It has a sweet, fruity, sour and grape like taste that is loved by all. The smell of the seeds is an earthy berry one with a hint of sour.

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