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CHERRY BANANA OG// Feminized Seeds



Mother: Black Cherry Gelato
Father: Banana Cream OG
Family: 60/40 Indica
Sex: Regular
Height: Medium
Flowering Time: 66-72 Days
Yield: Heavy Producer



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Discover the Serene Bliss of Cherry Banana OG

Cherry Banana OG hits home for its enchanting dark cherries and earth aroma. Tints of purple and neon orange beautifully manifested in their nugs, presenting a visual treat. A sedative and blissful body high, complemented by a cerebral uplift, makes it ideal for daytime use. The common terpenes – myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene – contribute to its uplifting hybrid profile.

Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato, a slightly Indica-dominant strain born from Black Cherry Funk and Acai, offers a sweet cherry-berry taste with skunky herb undertones. Its aroma is equally enticing, deepening into a pungent dankness as it’s consumed. Beyond its flavor, this strain shines with its calming effects, beginning with an uplifting mental clarity that melts into serene relaxation. Boasting a 26% level, for easing insomnia, chronic pain, and stress. The buds captivate with their forest green color, minty leaves, and a frosty amber trichome coating, making Black Cherry Gelato a treat for both the senses and the soul, ideal for evening relaxation or therapeutic use.

Background of Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato transcends its effects and flavor, thereby embodying the artistry of strain creation. Originating from Black Cherry Funk and Acai, it proudly boasts a rich heritage. Consequently, this heritage infuses it with potent and flavorful genetics. Moreover, it appeals to both seasoned indica lovers and newcomers alike, who are seeking relaxation with sensory pleasure. Furthermore, the experience smoothly transitions from initial taste to deep relaxation, effectively highlighting its thoughtful creation. Perfect for evening use, it consequently offers balance for relaxation and comfort. Lastly, its ability to ease various conditions has made it a highly valued choice within the cannabis community.

Banana Cream OG Background

Banana Cream OG, a perfectly balanced hybrid, boasts a dessert-like flavor that delights the senses. This creation hails from the skilled growers at Vagrant Hill Farms in Oregon, blending genetics from Banana OG, Ocean Beach OG, and the widely acclaimed Blue Dream. Distinguishable from its relative, Banana Cream, Banana Cream OG offers both potent effects and a deliciously fruity taste. Its THC levels range impressively from 15% to a robust 30%.

Featuring medium to large flowers, Banana Cream OG’s buds are chunky and irregularly shaped, showcasing an Indica-dominant structure with densely packed centers. The leaves, small and wide, present a vibrant mossy green, intertwined with curly, rust-colored pistils. A layer of cloudy, transparent trichomes envelops the buds, rendering them exceptionally sticky. This strain not only captivates with its potent effects and fruity aroma but also stands out with its visually appealing bud structure, making it a top choice for both enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


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