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CHEMDAWG CANDY Seeds // 6 Pack



Mother: Candy Kush

Father: Pole Cat 91′

Family: 50/50

Sex: Regular

Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush

Height: Medium/Tall

Flowering Time: 56-66 Days

Yield: Heavy Producer

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Chemdawg Candy

When it comes to a classic Chemdog, the Pole Cat 91′ is one of the finest and why we used a dope mom to cross with a Candy Kush. Chemdog can have a chemical smell and oily; when you add some sweetness to her it takes the gas out and infuses a more floral blend with a super sweet bite we love from the chemdog.

Since Chemdawg Candy is in the testing stage, many of you will see very large yields with sticky balls of hard nugz and a taste that will have your friends asking for a bag.

Beans of this nature can range from 50-75 dollars for 6 seeds. By grabbing a pack, you are in the building stage of something special. Thats if you can get your hands on a pack. IM sure, if youre reading this now they are sold out.



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