BLUE FACES // Cartier Cookie x NSG Blueberry


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Blue Faces

Cartier Cookie

To make Blue Faces, we sued the Cartier Cookie from our collection and 2 GSC or Girl Scout Cookies from 2012. The power of this cross is legendary, and it’s not for beginners. Cartier Cookie leans more Sativa but will crash a party like a heavy indica after about 30 mins. The munchie attack takes place, so you better get your grocery list together. When dried properly, the smell of sugar cookies with a taste of thin mint is the only way to explain the flavor—an all-time classic and why we use her in our future breedings.

Blue Faces Goals

The goal is to add more size to the Cartier Cookie and a fruitier flavor to the cookie. Everyone wants the biggest buds with the best flavor, and we think Blue faces is the solution.


DJ Short Blueberry is the fruit of the GODS. Creator of other classics like Blue Dream, Blue Dice, and Blue Faces (Cartier Cookie x Blueberry) the original f5 is on another level.
I enjoy DJ Short Blueberry because she is mold resistant and grows fast with large yields. Beginning growers will not have to worry about humidity and levels as she grows at high temps and muggy conditions. But when you grow her in optimal conditions, she puts on so much weight with purple-blue hues and a silly berry flavor.
Mother: Cartier Cookies
Father: Blueberry f5
Family: Unknown
Sex: Regular
Growing Conditions: Tall narrow buds
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 66-72 Days
Yield: Medium/Heavy Producer

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