CARTIER KUSH // Original Afghan Kush x Lemon OG Kush



Mother: Afghani Original

Father: Lemon OG Kush

57-69 day Flower Cycle

Yield: Heavy Yield

75/25 Indica/Sativa



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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.25 in


Cartier Kush: Afghan Kush x Lemon OG Kush

Afghan Kush

Mother: Afghan Kush Original

The Afghan Kush Original, often referred to as Afghani, is a pure indica strain originating from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Revered for its rich heritage, this strain is recognized for its deeply relaxing effects, making it a favorite among enthusiasts who seek tranquility and relaxation. It carries a sweet, earthy aroma reminiscent of rich mountain soil.

Father: Lemon OG Kush

Lemon OG Kush is a delightful hybrid strain, combining the zest of citrus and the deep undertones of classic OG Kush. As a father strain, it introduces a refreshing lemon flavor paired with a quick-acting, mildly euphoric high. Though it leans towards its indica roots in effect, it also offers a balanced experience, tinged with mental clarity from its sativa side.

Cartier Kush Flower Cycle: 57-69 days

This strain boasts a moderately swift flowering cycle, taking approximately 57 to 69 days. This period allows the plant to develop its full spectrum of flavors and potency, ensuring a high-quality harvest.

Yield: Heavy-yield growers

can anticipate a bountiful harvest with this strain, as it’s categorized under a heavy yielder. Proper care and optimum growing conditions will result in abundant dense, trichome-laden buds.

Genetic Ratio: 75/25 Indica/Sativa

This strain exhibits a dominant indica profile with a 75% indica and 25% sativa genetic makeup. This ratio implies that users can expect a predominant body relaxation from the indica lineage, complemented by a subtle cerebral uplift from its sativa genes. Ideal for those looking for a calming experience with just a touch of mental invigoration.

In summary, the cross between Afghani Original and Lemon OG Kush results in a strain combining deep relaxation with a zesty twist, making it an ideal choice for recreational and medicinal users seeking the best of both worlds.

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.25 in

2 reviews for CARTIER KUSH // Original Afghan Kush x Lemon OG Kush

  1. Juan Carlos

    Nice yield, large hard buds. Lemon like taste.

  2. Paul Ryan

    The smell of lemons and an old school hash smell (40s+will know) great taste and after a looooong day you chief on some of this that couch/bed hopefully not the floor will be calling out your name!
    If you love a great indica this is for you!!!

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