So you’re working with a small grow area and your mindset is; How do I grow the most in a small area? This was a concern for me as well and if you’re a home grower with limited space this is the question we ask ourselves. So over the years,  I tried and used every trick possible to make this happen and along the way I was blown away at how simple it was to accomplish.

As with anything in life, when you know better you grow better. Ya see, I tried so many different methods to make this happen and it boiled down to what I always believed in…even canopy with a proper diet for the plants. This sounds simple and it is but there’s also a few other keys to success you will obtain by joining and utilizing the tools in this course.

Whats the key ingredient? The grow media! This is the secret to my sauce and where it will blow your mind when I show you what to use to get the result. Now, genetics do play a major part in this technique so we cover what to look for in genetics and also how to maximize the plants potential by understanding the genetic history of the genes.

If you’re like me and looking to get more from your investment and make this new growing journey worth every ounce of energy you’ve put in, then this course is for you. Get ready to see crazy results along with the best flavors your soul has ever experienced. Once I reveal the secrets to success you will never grow the same again. LETS GO!


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