Pomona Pressure for The Win

Introduction to Pomona Pressure

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis cultivation, Pomona Pressure emerges as a captivating new strain. This unique hybrid is a cross between Pomona OG and Purple Pressure, each boasting its remarkable lineage. Pomona OG itself is a blend of White Fire OG and Grape Stomper OG (Reversed Male), while Purple Pressure springs from QRilla crossed with Pimp Juice f2. The result is a strain that promises to intrigue and excite both seasoned and novice growers alike.

The Mysterious Terpene Profile of Pomona Pressure

As she is a new cross, its terpene profile remains a delightful mystery. The flavors, aromas, and effects are still under exploration. Your feedback as growers and users is invaluable. It will help in unraveling the complex characteristics. This collaborative effort will illuminate the unique attributes of this intriguing strain.

Ease of Cultivation with Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a significant feature of Pomona Pressure, making it a preferred choice for homegrowers. The advantage of feminized seeds is their ability to produce female plants consistently. This eliminates the guesswork and increases the efficiency of your growing process, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Tips for Successful Germination

The seeds may present a challenge in cracking. Therefore, soaking the seeds before germination is highly recommended. This practice enhances the chances of a successful start. It ensures that the seeds receive the optimal conditions needed for sprouting, paving the way for a healthy growth cycle.

Expected Flowering Time

The flowering phase is anticipated to span around 9 weeks. This timeframe is typical for many cannabis strains, allowing growers to plan and manage their cultivation cycles effectively. Monitoring the plants during this period is crucial to achieving the best results.

Feedback is Crucial

Your experiences and observations are extremely valuable. Your feedback on every aspect of cultivating and experiencing this strain will contribute significantly to understanding its full potential. Sharing your insights will benefit the entire cannabis community.

Conclusion: A Journey with Pomona Pressure

Pomona Pressure stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of cannabis breeding. Its unique genetic makeup promises a journey of discovery for growers and users. By participating in this exploration, you contribute to the broader understanding of this novel strain. Embrace the experience and be part of shaping its legacy in the cannabis world.


  1. Sorry hit the send button somehow ? I have never hatched any Fems before, I do have the Sweet cheese Fems to pop in the spring and Purple pressure Regs, I look forward to seeing how it all evolves. The New beans sound very interesting and promising.

  2. This sounds awesome and something I would like to be a part of. Ive got a NSG Fem Sweet Cheese going. I’ve tried to post in blind gorilla but it won’t let me post my pictures…

    1. Make sure to sex test pr find females first then add then to the 5×5. We only have Regulars of these and cuts. Add me as a friend on here amd we can talk cuts

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