Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club

A Paradise for Indoor Cannabis Home Growers

Welcome to an exciting and unique club that combines the best of cannabis breeding, testing, and collective pursuit of the highest quality genetics. Our Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club is not just any other club; it’s a community, a collective, a private network where the magic of indoor cannabis home growing evolves with each passing day.

What Is the Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club?

We’re a private, exclusive club dedicated to indoor cannabis home growers. The club collaborates between passionate growers and the acclaimed breeder Cartier Crops. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to test new offspring and contribute to our continuous research, helping us decide which strains will continue their lineage and which will be released for mass production.

A Forum for Collaboration

Our private forum is the heartbeat of our club. All members can post about their experiences, ask questions, share insights, and celebrate their successes here. We grow and learn together. You’ll be working alongside Cartier Crops and other expert growers; all united in cultivating the same genetic line.

From seed to harvest, the forum is a platform for knowledge-sharing, with the ultimate goal being the cultivation of superior cannabis strains. The information shared here helps us determine whether to keep a strain within our exclusive club or make it available to the broader public.

Lifetime Discounts on Elite Genetics

As a member of our Seed Tester Club, your journey with us will come with lifelong rewards. One such perk is a lifetime discount on the genetics you help test and nurture. Because you were there from the beginning, we believe you should reap the benefits as long as you remain part of our network.

FREEJOLE Friday Private Giveaways

The perks don’t stop at discounts. We also host a monthly FREEJOLE Friday Private giveaway. The best part? This event is exclusive to our private network, so there are fewer participants than our Facebook group and other networks, which significantly improves your chances of winning FREE seed packs and other exciting items from our generous sponsors like SimPro Formula.

The Legendary 1 Gallon Challenge

If you’ve heard about the infamous NSG One Gallon Challenge, here’s your chance to be a part of it. As a member of our Seed Tester Club, you get the first opportunity to participate in this legendary challenge. The premise is simple: grow the most potent and bountiful cannabis plant in a one-gallon pot. Are you up for it?


The Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club is an all-inclusive community that unites cannabis home growers, offering them a platform to experiment, learn, and enhance their cannabis cultivation skills. As a member, you get to be at the forefront of cannabis genetic evolution, working alongside industry professionals like Cartier Crops and contributing to the future of cannabis strains.

In addition to the collective journey of discovery, you also gain exclusive access to numerous perks, including lifetime discounts, giveaways, and participation in our legendary 1 Gallon Challenge. If you’re passionate about indoor cannabis growing, the Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club might be the place for you.

NSG Seed tester Club
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      1. Thank you! I knew they were fem, just wanted to make sure before I started them so I knew what I was in for. I’m nearing the end of my first grow. Them I’m going outdoors for the summer.

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