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Native Sun Genetics Feminized Seeds

Female Cannabis Seeds

Native Sun Genetics feminized seeds are finally here and here to stay. For years we kept the feminized seeds out of our collection. Why? We only thought of ourselves and not the home grower who can only grow 4 plants legally in a medical state. Not everyone can grow as many plants as they wish. Using seeds with a proven sex trait will help those in need. 

Like our Buddy Chris from Chicago. Chris can only grow 4 plants, would love to flower our regular seeds, but time and number count are not on his side. Even though fems aren’t as stable as regular seeds, you can find the phenos you like and keep her back to make a mom. Making a mom plant can give someone like Chris the advantage to clone the mother, make more of the pheno he likes, and be more stable. 

Best Feminized Seeds

Fems, Fems, and more Fems! I’m talking GIRLS GONE WILD, BABY!ya A$$ better get ready.As you get ready for indoors, we’re getting ready too! We’ve been in the garden all summer working hard to bring you the dopest FEM beans on the planet. What Flavors? The type that’ll make you wanna smack yo self! We’ve added more gas and fruit to the menu with Flavors like Limoncello, Grape Juice, Runtz, Sage & Sour, Sweet Cheese, Antidote Cookie, Scotti Pimpn #33, Skywalker OG crossed with Runtz, and GMO! On Friday, September 23, 2022, these sweet gems will go out to all the seed club members via email. 

Native Sun Genetics Seed Club

What’s The Seed Club? We help indoor cannabis home growers save up to 75% on top-tier genetics through our private seed club, eliminating scammers, middlemen, and bad genetics. Sign up today to get updated on future seed drops as well and get FREE seeds for your first test run.


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