Live Rosin with Boogatti – Feat. Carlos J. EP#4


Live Rosin, Anyone? LOL

Our latest blog post features an insightful interview with Carlos J., a passionate Native Sun Genetics supporter. Carlos shares his remarkable experience growing the Boogatti strain using our SimPro Formula, achieving results that every cannabis enthusiast dreams of.

From the moment we started watering the clones to the last drop, I was there with Carlos every step of the way. I helped him understand how to use SimPro for optimum growth and ensured that every phase of the process was executed flawlessly. Carlos’s journey is a testament to the effectiveness of our formula and the power of hands-on support.

Carlos provides a detailed look into his cultivation methods, from germination to harvest, showcasing the effectiveness of SimPro Formula in enhancing growth and potency. He also delves into his Rosin-making process, highlighting the techniques and nuances that make his product stand out. Furthermore, Carlos compares growing with Native Sun Genetics and other well-known brands, giving valuable insights and tips for fellow growers.

To bring Carlos’s journey to life, we’ve included a video featuring stunning images from his grow. You can watch the entire process and see firsthand the exceptional results he achieved.

We’ve provided a link to purchase SimPro Formula for those interested in replicating Carlos’s success. Members receive an exclusive discount on purchases from our site.

Check out the video and see the magic unfold!

What is Live Rosin and How is it Made?

Live Rosin


Live Rosin name with Native Sun Genetics Boogatti: Grower Carlos J.

Live Rosin is a high-quality cannabis concentrate known for its purity and full-spectrum flavor. Unlike many other concentrates, Live Rosin is made without the use of solvents, making it a preferred choice for health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts. The process begins with freshly harvested cannabis plants that are immediately flash-frozen to preserve the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes.

To create Live Rosin, the frozen cannabis is first processed into bubble hash using ice water extraction. This hash is then dried and pressed under controlled heat and pressure, producing a pure, golden resin. This method ensures that the full essence of the plant is retained, delivering a rich, aromatic, and potent concentrate that reflects the original profile of the cannabis strain.

Watch the Grow Process Video

Watch the video showcasing Carlos’s growth process. The video includes images of his Boogatti growth and highlights the impressive results achieved with SimPro Formula.

About Native Sun Genetics

At Native Sun Genetics, we pride ourselves on offering elite cannabis seeds that are potent and easy to grow. Our carefully curated strains are designed for growers who want to get the most out of their gardens, whether beginners or seasoned experts. Our products are meticulously developed to ensure robust growth, high yields, and exceptional quality.

Our seeds are selected for their unique characteristics and superior genetics, ensuring that every grower can achieve impressive results. With Native Sun Genetics, you can expect resilient, aromatic, and potent plants, making your cultivation experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Explore our menu for more details on our exceptional strains and how Native Sun Genetics can elevate your growing journey. Whether you’re looking for high-THC varieties, flavorful terpene profiles, or robust plants, we have something to meet your needs.

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