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The Seed Tester Journey Begins

Cartier June 14, 2023

Personal greeting from the Native Sun Genetics Team

Welcome to the Native Sun Genetics Seed Tester Club! We’re thrilled to have you join our vibrant community of passionate growers and plant enthusiasts.

Our team at Native Sun Genetics is committed to providing you with exceptional strains and products, and we believe that your involvement is a crucial part of our continuous growth and innovation. By becoming a Seed Tester, you are joining a team that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our product line and, more importantly, the future of sustainable and efficient growth.

We’ve always been deeply fascinated by the wonders of genetics and their endless possibilities for horticulture. We’re excited to share this passion with you and look forward to seeing the insights and contributions you’ll bring to our community.

Remember, this is not just about testing seeds—it’s about becoming a part of a journey to create a more prosperous, greener, and more sustainable world. Let’s explore, learn, grow, and create a legacy of green thumbs!

Warm regards,



Native Sun Genetics Team

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