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Cartier June 14, 2023

Every cannabis plant carries a unique set of genetics that determine its growth characteristics, resistance to disease, yield potential, and cannabinoid profile. At Native Sun Genetics, we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of genetically robust seeds. Our breeding process focuses on the following:

PHENOTYPE SELECTION: We carefully select parent plants with desirable traits to produce offspring with those traits. This could include anything from yield size to cannabinoid content to flavor profile.

GENETIC STABILITY: We work to ensure our strains are genetically stable, meaning the seeds you test will consistently produce plants with the expected traits.

DISEASE RESISTANCE: We prioritize genetics that lends themselves to disease resistance, helping to ensure a successful harvest for our growers.

Remember, as a member of the Native Genetics Seed Tester Club, you’ll have the chance to try out these strains and seeds first-hand and contribute to our ongoing mission to improve and diversify our selection of cannabis genetics.

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