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Cartier June 22, 2023

You can upgrade your account to a Premium Blind Gorilla Membership and take advantage of our complete course; you won’t find it anywhere. We have two other packages other than the primary community.

1. SILVERBACK VIP – We provide access to 3 courses as long as you hold your subscription. 

  1. Beginners Course – You may be new to growing or need to return to basics. You will learn all you need to know about starting on the right foot in the course. Sometimes we have it all down but must include a few keys to create a great grow room. Here’s where you can refer back to and stay updated with industry trends and compound this course with the following classes for a more in-depth experience. 
  2. Candentify– If you have issues in your garden, Candentify can help you figure it out. The course will help you identify your problem with a solution to save the situation. Cartier spent six years answering home growers’ questions and made an in-depth guide to provide solutions be it Hydro, Soil, Coco Coir, and Rockwool.
  3. Advanced Growers Course – Here, Cartier covers topics like Co2, Pest prevention, soil and coco building, lighting techniques, and another way to scale your home growing operation. Trust us, if youre new to growing, you will want to scale up your success to grow more weed. So there’s much you need to know before you leap into it.
  4. Bonus Cartiers’ Clone Mastery – Cartier teaches you his secret to creating a 100% pop rate via a dope ass mixing solution and setup. The course is an updated version of how to make clones and keep a solid rotation so youre garden always has cuttings. (I have a cover photo for this)

    LIFETIME MEMBER – This package gives you access to every course we create and upgrade within Blind Gorilla as long as you stay a member and follow all rules respectfully in our system.

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