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*How To Share Your Feedback and Findings With the Community

Cartier June 22, 2023

Navigate to the NSG Forum

DESKTOP – If youre using a desktop, click the ‘Forums’ tab in the navigation settings at the top of the menu bar. Here, you’ll see the NSG CLUB Seed Tester Forum Icon. Next, click on the Icon to see a list of genetics we’ve produced. 

MOBILE – Click on the Hamburger in the top left corner of your mobile device. Click on NSG Forums to see the NSG Seed Tester Icon. Click on the icon, and you’ll also see all the genetics. 

  1. Find Your Genetics:

Scroll through the forum topics to find the one related to your growing strain. Each genetic type will have its thread, making it easy to follow along and participate in specific discussions.

  1. Start a New Discussion or Join an Existing One:

If you’re beginning your growing journey with a particular strain, you can start a new discussion thread under that strain’s forum. Feel free to join in if there’s an ongoing discussion about your strain. (Show how someone can post and share a thought or information about genetics.)

  1. Document Your Journey

Throughout your seed testing journey, consistently share updates, observations, and findings on the forum. Regularly posting about the progress of your plants, including pictures, will help other members understand the context of your cultivation and feedback.

  1. Ask Questions and Provide Answers:

If you encounter any challenges or questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the forum. Our community is here to support each other. At the same time, if you see a question you can answer based on your experiences, feel free to help.

  1. Engage with Cartier Crops

Our expert, Cartier Crops, will monitor each forum topic. He will provide guidance, answer questions, and share his insights. Engage with him directly in the forum threads to benefit from his expertise and advice. Be sure to add Cartier as a friend  (Show My Profile)

  1. Respect and Encourage Others:

Remember that the forum is a respectful and constructive dialogue space. Encourage others by acknowledging their posts, providing constructive feedback, and appreciating their input.

Sharing your findings in the forum is a great way to document your seed testing journey and contribute to the collective learning of our community. It’s a place to learn, share, and grow together. Happy posting!

2. Private Messaging

The Cartier Crops platform supports private messaging. You can send a private message to have a private conversation with another member or share something directly with them. The messaging feature can deepen connections, seek personal advice, or collaborate on a particular topic.

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