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SimPro Formula Plant Nutrients

Cartier March 9, 2023

The #1 Formula for Achieving Maximum Yields in Your Indoor Garden

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native tree strain

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How Can SimPro Help Me?

If you ever had nutrient issues or unsure how to use a feeding schedule and what to mix first or last then you need this. One scoop has this and more.


Silica Improves the Resistance to Abiotic Stress for Plants Stronger stems help keep plants sturdy in wind and rain. Longer roots help to extract water from the soil while the epidermis of the leaves helps to retain some of the water loss that occurs during transpiration.


Microbes also act as a biofertilizer by releasing critical nutrients when they die. Without microbes, plants wouldn't have the constant supply of nutrients they need to grow. Beyond nutrient cycling, microbes produce hormones and other chemicals to stimulate plant growth.


Yucca Extract allow for increased mobility of nutrients and water across plant and soil surfaces. Plants gain many positive benefits from the increased dispersal of water, nutrients, and other beneficials through soils.


Seaweed is a broad spectrum fertilizer that is rich in beneficial trace minerals and hormones that stimulate plant growth. Seaweed is high in carbohydrates which are essential building blocks in growing plants, and low in cellulose so it breaks down readily. Seaweed shares no diseases with land plants.

Amino Acids

Without proper photosynthesis, plants will not grow. This process relies on the production of chlorophyll, which needs to absorb energy from the sun. Amino acids will help in the production of chlorophyll, which leads to quality photosynthesis.

Amino Acids

Humic acids and fulvic acids provide a number of physical, chemical, and biological benefits to plants and soil. These include increased plant nutrient uptake, increased root growth, and improved soil structure. You can provide these benefits to your plants using a variety of application methods.

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