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To access this content, you must purchase NATIVE TREE Strain // 6 Regular Seeds, CARTIER KUSH // Original Afghan Kush x Lemon OG Kush, BLUE CRACK STRAIN // Green Crack x Blue Faces, CARTIER CRUISE STRAIN // REGULAR SEEDS, SHOW BIZ STRAIN // Show Stopper OG x Wizard Punch, CACTUS CAKE // Wedding Cake x Girl Scout Glue, STRIP SHOW Strain // Show Biz x Triple 6 OG, STINKY PINKY Strain // Pink Steel Toe x Scottifaced OG, PURPLE LEMON HAZE // Lemon Haze x Pimp Juice, PURPLE PRESSURE Strain // QRilla x Pimp Juice f2 seeds, SOUR GUM DIESEL, COOKIE DOUGH STRAIN //, BERRY GELATO STRAIN // REGULAR CANNABIS SEEDS, BLUE BISCOTTI STRAIN // Blueberry x Biscotti, ICED HIBISCUS STRAIN // Lost Paradise x NSG Blueberry, JUICY BUTTER // REGULAR SEEDS, BANANA BLOOD// Banana Kush x Cartier Cookie BXf2, BIGGIE DIESEL // Pimp Juice x Sour Diesel x Cartier Cookie BX, BLUE DICE STRAIN// Pimpers Paradise x Blueberry (Regs), DJ SHORT BLUEBERRY SEEDS // NSG Hunted, GORILLA BUTTER STRAIN // Regular Seeds, GORILLA PIMPN // Pimpers Paradise x Gorilla Butter, V12 Strain// Vibranium OG (pheno #12) x Vibranium OG 6 seeds, VIBRANIUM OG f2 // Cartier Cookie x Triple 6 OG, VIBES 3 STRAIN // 6 Regular Seeds, TRIPLE 6 OG // 6 Regular seeds, TRIPLE DOSI OG //Do-Si-Do x Triple 6 OG, SHOW STOPPER OG // 6 Regular Seeds, PIMP JUICE Strain // Cartier Cookie x Purple Punch, GRAPE WATERS STRAIN, GRAPE STOMPER OG F2 //, CARTIER DIESEL STRAIN, BOOGATTI // Gorilla Runtz x Biscotti 6 Seeds, VV*ESS Diamonds 6 seeds, LOST PARADISE // 6 Seeds, LEMON PIE FACE// 6 Regular Cannabis Seeds, BOOGY NIGHTS Strain // Boogatti x Pomona OG FEMINIZED, POMONA LISA strain // Lisa's Legacy x Pomona OG FEMINIZED, POMONA BERRY Strain // Blueberry Muffins x Pomona OG FEMINIZED, CARTIER COOKIE BXF2 #33, POMONA PRESSURE FEM SEEDS, GRAPE GAS SEEDS // OG Chem x Granddaddy Purp, CHERRY PIE SEEDS // Durban Poison x Granddaddy Purp, PURPLE KUSH SEED // Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani, APPLE BUTTER COOKIE STRAIN, CARTIERS' CANDY APPLE STRAIN or CHERRY BANANA OG// Feminized Seeds.

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