How To Use SimPro As A Compost Tea Brewer

A compost tea brewer can take advantage of an easier process for rapid growth indoors and outdoors. Using products like the SimPro formula can help you along the way.

Using SimPro Formula For DIY Compost Tea Brewer

Compost tea brewer

First, you need A 5-gallon jug or container filled with 3 gallons of Reverse Osmosis water. Whatever container you use, leave enough room for the foam build-up. After some time, the mix will react, and foam will increase as more oxygen’s introduced. 

A decent air pump will work. The ecoplus brand makes a good product, and worth checking out a double-port air pump like the ecoplus two-port

You’ll need an airstone to add the bubbles. I’m using an ecoplus medium airstone with a quarter-inch outside diameter air hose.

The special sauce used to make the magic tea is SimPro Vegetation Formula. Simpro Everything from Yucca, Humates, Seaweed, Microbes, Amino Acids, and Silica. Add a tablespoon per gallon, and Boom! You’re good to go.

SimPro Vegetation Formula Recipe

To start the party, you want to connect the airstone to the air hose. Then connect your air hose to the air pump. 

Place the air stone in our container and plug in the air pump. You should see bubbles letting you know things are looking good. 

With your tablespoon scooper, measure three tablespoons of SimPro Vegetation formula and drop it into the container. 

That’s IT… For Now!

How Long To Brew Compost Tea

We have to wait 12-24 hours, and our tea will be ready for the ladies to consume. If you wait past 24, the microbes can die off or go anaerobic; if not enough time, the microbes aren’t active. Fifteen hours later seems to work best, in my opinion. 

Magic Compost Tea Brewer 15 Hours Later

It’s been 15 hours later, and now we can use the tea on our lovely ladies.

I like to apply 32-64 oz of water and no more for a 5-gallon pot. The only time I’ll add more than 64oz of water per pot is if I dont see any runoff. Then I’ll add 32oz more of my magic mix until I know a bit of runoff. I’ll perform this process once a week up to 3times a week depending on the stage of growth. 

24 Hours After The SimPro Compost Tea Brewer Feeding

It has been 24 hours since I fed her, and they look beautiful. Rich in color from yesterday and a shine only good natural feeding can provide. I’ll add another feeding in a few days, followed by a series of plain watering.


Helping your plants thrive indoors without stressing about losing your precious gems. Making SimPro Vegetation or Bloom tea is a great way to ensure your plants stay healthy and robust on the 12-week journey. Below are a few discount codes for you to take advantage of now. 


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