How To Sex Fire Seeds Before Veg

Today is the day we will test the seedlings and send them off to Farmer Freeman for testing. If you’re new to using a sex testing company, then youre in for a treat.

If you’re a smart home grower, you reach for regular cannabis seeds to get healthy, more potent variety, not saying fems or autos are bad; let’s just say they aren’t regular seeds. As you become familiar with genetics, you’ll learn there’s nothing better than regular cannabis seeds. 

With that in mind, when you grow regular cannabis seeds, you will get males and females.We want to keep the females, and there’s a faster way to test the seedlings days after transplant to determine the sex of your plants. 

Yes, it costs, but so does the time it takes to find a female. So I ordered 5 sample kits from Farmer Freeman, and today we will take leaf samples to get them tested; at the end of the video, I will show you the results and a discount code you can use for 10% off your next order. Let’s Get Crackn!

When you order the test, they will come in a little envelope with sample numbers like #XY75021 or something of that nature. 

The supplies you’ll need won’t be much but scissors and alcohol to clean the shears before cutting.

You don’t need to wear gloves, but I recommend doing so.

First, you should clean the scissors with alcohol; you don’t want the bacteria on the shears transferred to the leaf.

Let’s open one of the envelopes, and you will find a plastic plant stake with the same number on the stake as the outer package. The numbers are essential, and make sure the stake matches the envelope before taking a clipping. 

As you can see here, we have Sample #XY75024 on the package, and the stake is the same. You will use the stake later to place into the pot you removed a clip from, so be sure you don’t mix up the plant sample stakes and envelopes.

Here is a step-by-step process of how I will take the sample and prepare it for shipping. 

Step 1:Remove the stake from the white envelope, assuring the numbers match.

Step 2: Use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the scissors before cutting, allowing the scissors to dry for 10 min.

Step 3: Make a 1 inch cut of any leaf and place the cut leaf in the envelope. 

Step 4: Place the stake with the same number in the pot you just cut from, and when the test results return, you know which plant is which. This is why it’s important to make sure the stake and envelope numbers match. 

Step 5: Repeat the process for as many testers you have

Step 6: Prepare for shipping – There is nothing special. Make sure you seal all envelopes and place them in a larger envelope, and ship samples to the address that came with the kit. 

It will take anywhere from 5-7 days to get results via email, and once you do, we can move on to the next phase, and that’s getting the plants transplanted into their final home.

It’s been nine days total, and we got our results back via email from Farmer Freeman

As you can see from the email, our results show three males and two females. The M stands for Male, and the F stands for Female. Now we can match the test results to the numbers on our stakes to determine which plants are males and females.

We can move on to the next phase now, and that’s transplanting and starting the preveg stage.

It’s your turn to order your test kits, and when you do, use the code “Cartier” at checkout to get 10% off your next order.

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a line at cartier@cartiercrops.com

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Peace and love!


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