How To Make A Plant Watering System

You might need to leave town for a few days, so a plant watering system can be handy before you go. In this article, I share how I made a quick system with supplies from Home Depot, Growers House, or a local hydro store.

Cartier Crops Plant Watering System

Let me clarify a few things before you watch the video or after the fact. The plant watering system is meant to help you for a short period, not the entire growth cycle. Can you use the system for the entire growth cycle? Yes, but you’ll need to add more focus on your setup and adjust your timer from time to time, or the plants won’t get enough water throughout the entire media.

If you’re looking for a system that does not require electricity, you’ll need to purchase a gravity-fed system with a different price tag you’ll see in the video.


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