How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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The Easiest Seed Germination Process 

How’s it growing, my friends?

I’ve used so many variations when it comes to germination, and they all worked out well. But I always work to save money and make my life easier when I do anything, and I believe I found an easier way to germinate seeds with excellent results. 

We will be using 1 product during the entire process and Hydrogen peroxide. THAT’S IT! Since I like to run regular seeds only, we will be using Farmer Freeman to test our seedlings to help us find females over males. 

Let’s jump into our supplies and the recipe I’ll use to make this happen.

You’ll need:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide from your local store or online. 
  • Plastic sandwich bag
  • Native Sun Seeds
  • Springwater 
  • AZOS
  • 8 Plys of Paper Towel
  • (2) Plastic 8oz cups
  • Plastic spoon
  • Shot Glass

The first step is soaking the seeds in hydrogen peroxide for 12 hours. Some seeds will have a hard shell and need a bit of help to crack. This will also loosen the outside and make it easy to open when it hits the plastic bag.

Fill your shot glass halfway with hydrogen peroxide and set it aside until it’s time to use.

After 12 hours, it’s time to remove the seeds from the shot glass but without touching the seeds. You can use gloves if you’d like, and always make sure to wash your hands before working with the seeds. 

I take two plys of paper towel and, with an empty plastic cup, place the paper towel over it, then pour my solution onto the paper towel catching the peroxide in the cup and seeds on top of the paper towel. Set them to the side after you collect the seedlings. Dont touch the seedlings with your hands to eliminate bacteria. 

Next, I get my Azos ready by mixing one tablespoon with four tablespoons of spring water. There’s no need to pH the water. Mix well and set to the side until we need it. 

Layout your six plies of paper towel and fold until you get the image of 1 ply like so. 

Now, fold in half and fold once more to make it the size of the sandwich bag. 

When pouring the AZOs solution onto the paper towel, You want to use the plastic spoon for this step. 

Open the paper towel like a book, and we will apply three spoons full of the solution per side of the paper towel. Make sure to spread the solution to the center where the seeds will be placed. 

Now apply three more scoops to the other side of the paper towel.

Get your paper towel with seeds on it and place the seeds in the center of the paper towel.

After all, seeds are in the center; you can fold the paper towels like a book. 

Sometimes I like to pour more solution on the outer part of the paper towel before placing it in the plastic bag, but only if the outside of the paper towel is dry.  

Now, Place the paper towel in the plastic bag with the closed-end facing down so the seed won’t fall out when you remove the paper towel from the baggie. 

When storing the seeds, I like to use my closet since it’s warm and dark. I place my bags under my clothes and leave them there for three days without opening, No more, no less. 

After three days you should see this! Long roots are ready to go into our solo cups or plastic 16 oz container. 

The following video will cover how I transplant the seedlings into the cups or containers for the preveg cycle. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a line at

You can find AZOs and other products on my Amazon Storefront.

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