Exotic Weed Strains: Freejole Friday’s Monthly Game

Imagine having the chance every month to get your hands on some of the most exotic weed strains without breaking the bank. Welcome to the world of Freejole Friday! A unique monthly game designed for cannabis enthusiasts like you to dive deep into top-tier genetics. Whether you’re trying your luck at guessing the number of seeds in a jar or eagerly tuning into our live giveaways, there’s always a thrilling opportunity awaiting. But how did this exhilarating game come to be? And what makes it the talk of the cannabis community?

Journey with me as I unravel the captivating tale of Freejole Friday and the myriad ways you can be a part of this exciting adventure.

Freejole Friday and Why it Was Created

In a world saturated with questionable sources and overpriced cannabis seeds, the inception of Freejole Friday in 2019 was a beacon of hope for many. The cannabis industry, particularly in exotic weed seeds and strains, was plagued with inflated prices – often three times more than their current rates. To add insult to injury, many unsuspecting growers found themselves with seeds that did not match the breeders’ promises, leaving them frustrated and disappointed.

The situation grew dire when social media became a breeding ground for scams, further eroding trust among home growers. With 25+ years of seasoned experience and a profound love for the cannabis game, I couldn’t stand idly by and watch the community’s trust diminish. The motivation wasn’t just business; it was personal.

Armed with a stockpile of Native Sun Genetic seeds, which I used for my weed delivery service, the idea of Freejole Friday was born. The goal? To allow fans to experience the best exotic weed strains without the burden of excessive costs, only covering shipping.

The launch was phenomenal. Initially open to participants globally, the sheer love and enthusiasm from the community transformed Freejole Friday from a one-off event to a much-anticipated monthly celebration. The commitment remained unwavering: to stay true to fans and make high-quality genetics accessible. The impacts were multifold:

  1. Restoring Trust: With Freejole Friday, growers finally had a brand and company they could rely on.
  2. Incentivizing Participation: Even if one didn’t strike gold in the game, membership in our seed club promised discounts.
  3. Elevating Indoor Growing: The exotic strains of weed seeds winners received weren’t just any cannabis seeds; they were game-changers, revolutionizing indoor cultivation for many.

At its core, Freejole Friday wasn’t merely a game – it was a statement, a commitment to the home growers, the grassroots of the cannabis community.

Different Ways to Win Exotic Weed Strains In Freejole Friday

When it comes to winning free cannabis seeds, especially those enticing exotic weed strains, we believe in giving everyone a fair shot. At Freejole Friday, we’ve meticulously crafted multiple avenues for our community to have a chance at striking gold. Whether you’re a long-time member or a social media follower, there’s something for everyone. The beauty is in the diversity and inclusivity of our game. Here’s a breakdown:


  1. Email List: NSG Seed Club Subscription
    By being a dedicated subscriber to our Native Sun Genetics (NSG) seed club, you’re always in for a treat. We send an email filled with exciting games and offers each month. To win those exotic weed seeds, all you’ve got to do is hit reply to that email. Whether sending in your winning number or participating in a fun game, it’s as simple as a click. And guess what? If your numbers shine right, you could win up to three times!

Top rated products

Blind Gorilla

Blind Gorilla Private Group Wall
Our exclusive Blind Gorilla group is a sanctuary for cannabis enthusiasts. Nestled within our website, this private social network is where the magic happens.

Members get to see exclusive posts, and for Freejole Friday, dropping a comment with your number could be your ticket to some exotic strains of weed.

Not a member yet? Once you sign up for our NSG seed club, you’re automatically in – or as we like to put it, “in there like Brazilian swimwear.

Exotic Weed strains

Social Media

Social Media: The Universal Playground
Even if you’re not deeply integrated into our private community or haven’t subscribed to our email list, we’ve got you covered. Be it a YouTube video, a shoutout on our Facebook Fan page, or an Instagram post, there’s always a chance to win. Just ensure you’re following our pages to stay updated. With the world of social media at your fingertips, those free cannabis seeds are just a comment away.

The core of Freejole Friday is diversity and fairness. Whether through the NSG seed club, the Blind Gorilla Private Group, or our vast social media presence, we ensure that every cannabis enthusiast, whether they desire exotic weed seeds or want to be part of a thriving community, gets a shot at winning. So why wait? Dive in, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Who The Exotic Weed Strains Game Is For

Are you new to growing weed? Maybe you’re someone who knows a lot about different kinds of weed. Or perhaps you’re just someone who likes cannabis? Good news! Freejole Friday’s game is for everyone!

Why is the Game Cool for Everyone?

  1. For New Growers:
    • If you’re starting, this game can help you learn more. You can get some excellent seeds and try growing them. Plus, you can learn from others in the game.
  2. For the Experts:
    • You’ll love our unique kinds of seeds if you know a lot about weed. These aren’t your regular seeds. They’re exotic, which means they’re unique and different.
  3. For Every Weed Lover:
    • Maybe you don’t grow weed, but you like learning about it. This game is fun for everyone who loves cannabis. Plus, you can win some cool stuff.

So, if you like growing your own flower, whether you’re new or know a lot, this game is for you! Everyone can enjoy the incredible seeds and learn more about them.

How to Win Free Cannabis Seeds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Eager to win free cannabis seeds and join the ranks of countless happy growers? You’re in luck! The process is simple, fun, and relies on genuine participation. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned participant, here’s everything you need to know about diving into the game and upping your chances of taking home some exotic weed seeds.

1. The Guessing Game

Getting Started:
Ever played a classic guessing game before? Well, this one is right up that alley! Now and then, we’ll present you with a jar brimming with seeds. Your task? Take a good look and guess the number of sources it holds.

How to Participate:
Once you’ve settled on a number, it’s time to let the world know. You can:

  • Respond to the email showcasing the jar
  • Post your guess on Blind Gorilla
  • Or, share your number on our social media platforms

2. Opt for “Choose a Number”

Getting Started:
If you’re looking for something even more straightforward, the “Choose a Number” game is your best bet. We’ll send out a notification with a range – say, pick a number between 3 and 3300. All you need to do is pick a number within that range.

How to Participate:
Once you’ve chosen your lucky number:

  • Keep an eye out for our announcement of the winning number
  • The three guesses closest to this number emerge as the triumphant winners. So, even if you don’t nail the exact number, you could still win!

Future Fun:
While these two games have proven to be crowd favorites, stay tuned! We’re constantly brainstorming fresh, exciting ways to engage our community. So, you can anticipate even more thrilling games down the line. Each game promises a chance to win and a fun-filled experience.

Engage Authentically:
Remember, it’s all about genuine participation. Dive in, have fun, and engage with the community. Your authentic involvement increases your chances of winning and enriches the overall experience for everyone.

Buying Our Exotic Weed Strains Gets You Access to a Private Community

Have you ever thought about what comes after buying our top-notch cannabis seeds? Well, there’s a cherry on top! When you purchase our genetics, you don’t just get seeds. You also get a special ticket to an exclusive club. Let’s dive into the awesome perks this community offers.

Join an Elite Club with Tons of Benefits
First, being a part of this community means you’re in for a treat. Imagine a place where folks like you gather to talk, share, and learn all about exotic weed strains. That’s what our community feels like.

Why Native Sun Genetics and Cartier Crops Seeds are the Talk of the Town
Now, let’s chat about Native Sun Genetics and Cartier Crops Seeds for a moment. Ever wonder why everyone’s talking about them? It’s simple. These seeds aren’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill types. They are special and unique. Experts and enthusiasts in our community dive deep into discussions about what makes these seeds stand out. So, if you’re curious, this is your chance to get all the juicy details.

Stay in the Loop with Community Events and Insider Tips
But wait, there’s more! The community isn’t just about discussions. We also have fun events, workshops, and meet-ups. Plus, this is the place to be if you’ve ever felt lost or needed tips on growing. Our members love to share insider secrets on how to get the best out of your plants.

Wrapping It Up
So, next time you think of buying our genetics, remember you’re not just getting seeds. You’re joining a family that loves and breathes exotic strains of weed. With our community by your side, your journey in the world of cannabis just got a whole lot more exciting.

Reviews of Past Winners

Have you ever wondered what winning in our Freejole Friday game is like? Well, we’ve asked a few lucky winners from the past to share their stories. Let’s dive in and see what they have to say!

Cartier Crops Grow Diaries Testimonials

Hey I’m Cartier Crops. Since 2018, I’ve been helping passionate cultivators in the cannabis industry. Join our community and get insider knowledge about plant cultivation.


Freejole Friday isn’t just another game. It’s a celebration and promotion of some of the most unique and exotic strains of weed out there. Through this initiative, we aim to spread knowledge, passion, and the pure joy of cultivating and enjoying these rare breeds of cannabis. It’s a window into a world of flavors, aromas, and experiences only select strains offer. And you? You’re not just a reader or a curious mind. You’re part of a vibrant, growing community of enthusiasts who share a common love for the world of exotic cannabis. So why stay on the sidelines? Dive in, be part of the excitement, and maybe, just maybe, you could be the next lucky winner enjoying a rare strain.

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Hey I’m Cartier Crops. Since 2018, I’ve been helping passionate cultivators in the cannabis industry. Join our community and get insider knowledge about plant cultivation.

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