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Native Sun Weed Strains Sugar Apple Cakes

Let’s talk about the flavor you must have in your garden. Many of you know that our Apple Butter Cookie blend crossed with a Thin Mint male-created our Fuji OG Goji OG x Granola Funk) for power, size, and flavor.

Here’s a little background on Apple Butter Cookie. Bred by Cartier Crops in 2018, the focus was to bring more size to the cookie while keeping the power known when growing cookie strains. 

Fuji OG Female Cannabis seeds

Goji OG

When it comes to size weed strains, Goji OG packs on a massive yield with dripping flavors of OG aroma and taste with an undercurrent of red berries, black cherry, Hawaiian punch, licorice, and alpine strawberries.

She will grow like an Indica Hybrid, which is another reason we chose her as a starting point. The mother is Nepali OG, aka Nepali kush, an old OG kush from grass valley closest in appearance to the Tahoe, the buy-in for this cut in the mid-2000s was 20 grand… lol… Can you believe these weed prices? I don’t know if any clone is worth that much, but it is a very lovely OG.

The Granola Funk

Granola Funk is a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies forum cut with Wookie 15. The so-called Wookie marijuana line is a veritable terpene factory with pronounced lavender, grapefruit, and diesel tones. The Wookie 15 pollen has turbo-charged the Girl Scout Cookies FC, adding bulk and density while launching the terpene profile into hitherto uncharted territory. 

Thin Mint Male

Thin Mint, a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dark green and purple hues show through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that explains this strain’s name.

While Thin Mint technically would be slightly Indica dominant, the effects are closer to a slightly Sativa dominant strain. 

The powerful Sativa effects of the F1 Durban make its presence known through waves of euphoria and bursts of creativity during and a reasonable time after smoking.

 A patient suffering from depression would relax and calm the mind while not feeling too sedated. 

The OG Kush refusing to be unnoticed shows its true Indica dominance with its sedating body high and overall relaxation. Thin Mint Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid, but does not feel sluggish as some other Indica-dominant strains do. 

These characteristics allow for this strain to be a good choice for a wide variety of patients. As you can tell, we focus on the size and power while crossing these beauties but now let’s dig into what we used to make Sugar Apple Cookie.

Sugar Apple Cakes

The mixture of two different strains of cannabis can produce a much more significant effect and satisfaction for its users. Sugar Apple Cakes can derive such pleasure from the crossing of wedding cake strain and Apple Butter Cookies strain.  This article will bring to your notice the benefits of mixing wedding cake strain with apple butter cookies strain that you might not know before now.

Information about Wedding Cake Strain

The stain gives a relaxing and euphoric, creative effect that provides calmness to the user’s body. The fragrance of this strain is sweet, earthy, and peppery. Medical marijuana patients also use this strain to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. The side effects of this strain’s excess use include sore throat, dryness of mouth, red eyes, and disorientation.

Information about Apple Butter Cookie Strain

Butter cookies also belong to the hybrid strain gotten from the crossing of Fuji OG x THin Mints. The strain has a delicious flavor with a creamy, buttery taste to these weed strains.

It has a pungent smell and a buzzy effect when used Butter cookies are used by people suffering from chronic anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. Butter cookies have oversized fluffy arrowhead-shaped forest green nugs with thin orange hairs.

Effect of the Combination of Wedding Cake Strain and Apple Butter Cookie Strain

The two strains have some common characteristics that make them exciting for the users. Some of the features are discussed below:
  • Combination of Hybrid Strain: The two breeds possess both Indica and Sativa. The percentage of Indica to Sativa determines the content of CBD and THC present in the plant. The rate of Indica and Sativa present in the strains varies from one to another. The Apple Butter Strain has a higher percentage of Indica to Sativa. In contrast, the wedding cake strain has the same percentage of Indica to Sativa. The combination of the two strains will provide users with a deep body relaxation and energizing experience.
  • Medicinal uses: the two strains are used for medicinal purposes. Combining the two strains will give quick relief to patients when used than just one strain.
  • Balancing the level of intoxication: the singular use of Apple butter cookies strain may lead to a high level of intoxication due to the high content of THC. The combination of Wedding Cake to Apple butter Cookies will reduce the level of intoxication due to the increased presence of CBD. This will make users enjoy the blend.


The effect of using either Apple Butter Cookies or Wedding Cake weed strains of cannabis cannot be compared to when the two strains are combined, as explained above. They offer a more potent effect to alleviating pains and anxiety. However, it is essential to know that it is not suitable for amateurs.

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